What’s Your Story – Halloween Party Game

whats_your_story_party_gameFor the preparation of this game you need to look around and think which things can be used as a prop in making scary story. For example you can include – old cloths, candles, skeletons, printed bony parts, masks, red colour for fake blood, big knives, toy animal like wolf, owl, lion, black cat, loud speakers etc. There can be many more things in this category. This can be a great halloween party game idea for adults as well as kids.

Things Required

  • Props as mentioned above
  • Tape, glue and stapler
  • Writing pad/paper
  • Pen

How To Play

  • Divide your guests into two teams
  • Set the time and ask them to collect the props and make a scary story using those props.
  • They need to assemble the props also.


The team, which will make the best story by using props properly, will be declared as winner.

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