White Musical Hat – Kids Party Game

white_musical_hat_party_gameThings Required

  • Red colored hat as per the number of children
  • One White Hat

How To Play

  • All the children will stand in a circle.
  • They¬† have to keep their left hand behind their back as they have to play only using their right hand.
  • All the children will keep their red hats on their head except one.
  • One child will keep white hat on his head.
  • As the music starts, the child who is wearing the white hat will start the game.
  • The children have to carefully remove the hat from the player’s head to their right and has to put it on their head using only their right hand.
  • They have to keep on doing this till the music stops.
  • As the music stops, the child with white hat is OUT.
  • Continue this till somebody wins.


The child who remain till the last is the winner!!

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