Who’s Santa – Christmas Party Game


Things Required

  • Name chits of all the guests
  • Santa’s Dress
  • Gifts and chocolates for children
  • Music to play

How To Play

  • Make small name chits of the guests in the party.
  • Put all the chits in a bowl.
  • As the music starts, everybody will start dancing.
  • Stop the music after some time and the host will take out 4 slips from the bowl and will announce the names.
  • That four people will be Out of the game.
  • Resume the music and after regular intervals host will keep on announcing the names either 4 or 3 or 2 names and so on till one guest is left.
  • That guest  will become Santa and who in turn will wear Santa’s dress and will give the gifts and chocolates to all the children in the party.

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