Wrap It Left & Right – Party Game

wrap_it_left_and_rightThings Required

  • A rope
  • Any empty box (approx 12×12 inches)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Cello Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gift decoration items such as ribbon, start etc.

How To Play

  • Divide the kids in a team of 2 kids each.
  • Now tie first kid’s right hand with second kid’s left hand with a rope.
  • Each team is given an empty box, cello tape and scissors.
  • Now they need to wrap the box without using tied hands.
  • They will be able to wrap the gift only when both the kids use their left and right hand in sync.


Team who is able to wrap the gift fastest will be the winner. Organizer can judge the wrapping and disqualify if doesn’t meet the required standards 🙂

Feel free to try this game with adults as well, they surely will have lots of fun wrapping the gift 🙂

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