12 Games For Ladies Valentine Party


1.Valentine Kiss

A fun valentines day game where each participant have to get blindfolded and kiss closest to the lips of their valentine’s poster.Check out more about Valentine Kiss

2.Dil Or Pyar

A one minute party game in which players has to write as many songs as possible starting with Dil or Pyar in one minute.Check out more about Dil Or Pyar

3.Match The Hearts

One minute party game to match maximum heart pairs. Check out more about Match The Hearts

4.Valentine Puzzle

A fun valentine puzzle where the players have to find words related to valentine.Check out more about Valentine Puzzle

5.I Love You Tambola

I love you tambola – an innovative bingo game Check out more about I Love You Tambola

6.Hubby Pet Names

A specially designed tambola ticket for Karva Chauth and Valentine Day. Check out more about  Hubby Pet Names

7.Valentine Tambola

Valentine  based tambola game.Check out more about Valentine Tambola 

8.Your Name On My Heart

A fun valentine’s day game in which players has to write their beloved name on a paper which has carbon paper underneath.Check out more about Your Name On My Heart

9.Stem Of Roses

A valentines day party game in which players have to collect maximum roses by finding people who say the banned word.Check out more about Stem Of Roses

10.Hit Arrow On The Heart

A fun valentines day party game in which participants have to hit the arrow on heart. Check out more about Hit Arrow On The Heart

11.Valentine Heart Hunt

One minute party game to search maximum hearts in the hall. It is a fun game that keeps the guest engaged for a while and can be played on any event.Check out more about Valentine Heart Hunt

12.Tower Of Hearts

A one minute valentine’s day party game in which participants have to create highest stack of heart shaped pillows.Check out more about Tower Of Hearts

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