14 Games For New Year Theme Party


1. Count Down Begins

Hide several alarm clocks in the party hall and set them all to ring at the same time i.e. 1 minutes before 12 o’clock.  Once they start ringing, everyone has to start finding them. The one who finds the maximum alarm clocks as the clock strikes 12 o’clock wins.

2.Pass The Musical Balloon

Make two sets of slips with names of the players.  Put one set of names in the bowl. Put one slip each in the balloon while blowing.   Let everyone sit in a circle.  As the music starts, everyone will start passing the balloons.  As the music stops, take one slip from the bowl and announce the name. Now that person will pop the balloon and will take out the slip.  The person whose name is written on the slip in OUT not the person who has popped the balloon. The person who remains till the last is the winner.

3.Word game

Players have to make words from “Happy New Year” as many as they can in one minute. Whoever creates the most words, wins!

4.Events Puzzle

Take print out of different events held during year from Internet. Cut them into 7-8 pieces and put them in a paper bag.  Divide the players into groups of 4-5.  Give one paper bag to each group and tell them to put all the pieces together to complete the picture within the specified time.

 5.Backwards calendar Months

One minute new year party game in which players have to say the names of the months backwards ie. from December to January. The one who says the maximum no. of times wins.

 6.Last Man Standing

52 players can play this game. Take two pack of cards. Distribute one card to each player. Shuffle the  cards and start opening the cards one by one. Announce the card no., the player who is holding that card is out. The player with the last card will win the game.

7.Christmas & New Year Tambola

A tambola game specially designed for christmas and new year. Click here to know more about Christmas & New Year Tambola

8.Vodka Race

A group party game in which players have to fill vodka glasses using a spoon.Click here to know more about Vodka Race

9.Icebreak The Candies

A couple party game for new year in which players have to finish their candies at earliest by answering maximum ice-breaking quesitons.Click here to know more about Icebreak The Candies

10.What & When of 2015

The players have to guess when  the list of events happened during the last calendar year. Click here to know more about What & When Of 2015

11.Let’s Play Karoke

The players has to sing some new and old funny songs to set the rhythm for welcoming the New Year. Click here to know more about   Let’s Play Karaoke

 12.Group Yourself

A group party game in which players have to group themselves as per the number called by host. Click here to know more about  Group Yourself

13.New Year Resolution

A group party game for new year in which players have to write some funny & innovative new year resolutions. Click here to know more about New Year Resolution

14.New Year Greetings

A group game for new year party in which one player will be blindfolded and all other players will have to wish him/her happy new year in funny voices.Click here to know more about New Year Greetings

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