Heart & Arrow – Couple Party Game


Things Required 1 piece of cloth to blindfold A white board or a chalkboard White board markers or chalk How To Play Give the piece of cloth to each couple one by one. Now first female player will tie the cloth on male player’s eyes and turn him around. He now has to draw a heart on the whiteboard. Now male player will tie the cloth on female player’s eyes and turn her around. She now has to draw the {Read More}

Icebreak The Candies – New Year Party Game


Things Required Lot of candies or gems A list of ice breakers How To Play Let all the couples sit together. Give 10 candies to each couple. The game is that the host will say some ice breakers and the couple who fits in that will have to eat one candy. The ice breakers can be : The one who is having a green purse, The one who is having a daughter older than 15 years, The couple who are {Read More}

Carol Partner – Christmas Party Game


Things Required Two sets of slips with some popular Christmas Carol songs written on it  for ex. Jingle Bells, Santa Baby, Sliver bells, Slient Nights etc. How To Play Put all the slips in Santa’s cap. One by one the player will come and take one slip from the cap. Now two players have the slip of the same carol. As the time starts, everybody will start humming the carol written on their slip. The game is that they have {Read More}

Bridge The Coins – Couple Party Game

group party game

Things Required Popsticks as per the number of couples1 rupee coins (approximately 10-15) How To Play Give one popstick and bowl of coins to the couple. They have to put the popstick in their mouth such that husband and wife hold each end of the popstick. Now both husband and wife have to put coins on this popstick one by one. Time limit is one minute. Winner Couple who puts maximum coins on popstick in one minute wins the game.

Find The Ring – Karva Chauth Party Game


This game can be played on any occasion between the couples. On Karva Chauth this game can be played after the pooja between the couples while waiting  for the moon to come. This is a traditional game which every couple plays during their marriage ceremonies. Things Required A large dish/pot or parat filled with water 1/2 cup milk Some rose petals 3-4 coins One Ring How To Play. Mix milk in water in a large dish/pot or parat alongwith some {Read More}

Garba Dance Competition

group party game for navratri

Things Required Rocking DJ with Dandiya and Garba Songs How To Play Let all the guests come for the party in their best of danida and garba dressess As the music starts, everybody has to dance. Choose one or two judges from the guests who will judge the following Dandiya Queen Dandiya King Best Female Dancer Best Male Dancer Best Child Dancer Best Dressed Male Best Dressed Female Best Dressed Child You can also keep small gifts for all the {Read More}

Blindfold Race – Party Game

Kids party game - find the chair

Things Required A piece of cloth to blindfold the player How To Play Divide the players into pairs or couples can play this game. Mark a starting line and a finishing line say 20 feet apart. The game is to blindfold one of the players and the second player will guide the partner to reach the finishing line through natural sounds such as animal voices for example Dog barking for left,  Mew mew for right and caw caw for straight. {Read More}

Light The Candles – Party Game

couple party game

Things Required 6 Candles and candle stands for each pair/couple 2 matchbox per pair Tables How To Play Divide the players into pairs. 3-4 couples/pairs can play this game at a time. Give each pair a matchbox, 6 candles and 6 candle stands  or plain tray Mark a starting and finishing line say 10 feet apart. One player will be at the staring point and the other will be at the finishing point with three candles and three candle stands {Read More}

Pop The Balloon – Couple Party Game

Couple Party Game - Pop The Balloon

Things required Balloons as per number of couples participating How to Play Give one balloon to all the couples. All couples have to keep the balloon between their forehead. As the music starts, they have to dance holding the balloon. While dancing, they cannot touch the balloon. In case the balloon drops or balloon bursts that couple is OUT of the game. As the music stops, they have to pop the balloon by pressing the balloon with their forehead. Time {Read More}

Swop Your Place – Couple Party Game

couple party game

Things Required Cute name chits as explained in section below One bowl How To Play Let all the couples sit together with all the females on the right side. Pamper them with some with lovely and cute names like darling couple, sweet heart couple, honey couple, gorgeous couple, angel couple, chocolate couple, sexy couple, pretty couple, cute couple, handsome couple, beautiful couple, cupid couple, lovely couple etc. Write these names on small chits, fold them and put them in a {Read More}