Odd Or Even – Party Game

odd or even party game

Things Required A bowl full of pebbles/buttons/marbles How To Play Divide all the players into pairs. Place a bowl full of pebbles/buttons/marbles. The game is one player has to pick the marbles in his/her hand with a closed fist. The other player has to guess that the amount of item is an odd or an even number. If the player answer is correct, he is eligible for the second round otherwise that pair is considered Out. Keep playing the rounds, {Read More}

Stick The Balls – Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required Piece of cardboard (10″x10″) Some sticky solution 15 tennis balls for each pair How To Play Divide the players into pairs. Place one piece of cardboard (10”x10”) on the table. Put some sticky solution on the cardboard. Give 15 tennis balls to  each pair. Mark a starting line 8 feet from the table. One player will stand at the starting line and the other on the other side of  the table. As the time starts, one player has {Read More}

Couple Tambola Game

couple tambola game

Things Required Tambola board & tokens Pen/pencil Take printouts of below image as per the number of participants and write 12 numbers in each ticket. How To Play Give one couple tambola ticket to every couple. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the couple’s ticket, they have to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. For corners, couple  has to say “Deewana {Read More}

Blow The Balloons – Couple Party Game


Things Required Lot of balloons scattered in the party hall How To Play A party is incomplete without balloons, whether it is a valentine party, couple party, holi or diwali party, so  scatter as many as balloons in the party hall. All the male partners will sit cross legged either on the chair or on the floor as per their wish. As the time starts, the female partner has to grab a balloon, sit on her partner’s lap and burst {Read More}

Apple Race – Couple Party Game

couple party game

Things Required An apple for all the couples How To Play Mark a starting and finishing line say 15 feet apart. Let all the couples stand at the starting line with an apple between their foreheads. The hands should be folded behind at the back. As the time starts, all the couples have to move towards the finishing line without dropping the apple. In case the apple falls, either they are out of the game or they have to go {Read More}

Love Messages – Valentine’s Day Party Game


Things Required Paper and pen How To Play Give paper and pen to all the female partners and request them to write some love messages for their male partners with their left hand. They do not have to write their or their partner’s name. Place all the sheets on the board. Make a note if some one is left handed, request her to write with her right hand. Now all the male partners are requested to recognize the message which {Read More}

Most Compatible Couple – Valentine’s Day Party Game


Things Required Nothing How To Play Let all the couples sit on the floor with their backs touching each other. They have to hold each others hands. As the time starts, they have to stand up together without unlocking their hands.  They are neither  allowed to take any support not they can stand separately. Winner The couples who manages to lift themselves together without any support in the shortest possible time is the winner.

Roses for Beloved – Valentine’s Day Party Game

valentines day party game

Things Required Needle & Thread 50 roses per couple How To Play Mark a starting and finishing line say 10 feet apart. Let all the ladies sit on a chair at the finishing line. Give a needle and thread and a basket  of 50  roses to all the husbands. They have to make garland of 10 roses. He has to run to his wife and put the  garland through her head. Again he has to come back at the starting {Read More}

Catch The Ball – Couple Party Game


Things Required 10 tennis balls one basket or bucket How To Play Mark two lines A and B say 6 feet apart. One partner will stand at line A and other will stand at line B. One of them will hold the ten balls and the other will hold the basket. They will stand back to back. As the time starts, the one holding the ball will throw the ball over his head and the other have to catch the {Read More}

Heart Cards – Valentine’s Day Party Game

valentine's day party game

Things Required An old pack of playing cards How To Play Give an old pack of playing cards to a couple. As the time starts, they have to shuffle the cards three times. Then take out all the 13 heart cards and put them in proper sequence ie.  From  A-K Time limit is one minute. Winner The couple who is able to do it at the earliest wins!!