Jodi Tambola – Tambola Game

Things Required Tambola  tickets Pen/pencil How To Play  In this game we neither require the tambola board nor the tokens. This game can be played either in pairs or with couples. Any one couple/pair can start the game. Give one ticket each to both of them. The game is that either of them will announce the numbers from his ticket and the other person will strike off the number in his ticket if it is there. Likewise all the couples {Read More}

Sab Kehlo Sab Jeeto – Tambola Game

Things Required  Tambola board and tokens Regular tambola tickets Pen/pencil Prize money in form of  Rs.10/- currency notes How To Play Keep a part of  prize money in form of Rs. 10/- as Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto dividend besides  early 5, corners, rows, and full houses. Give one tambola ticket to each player Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well {Read More}

Get Rid Of My Spouse – Fun Party Game

Things Required Paper and pen for all players How To Play Give a paper and pen to all the players. Tell each player to write down the name of an item which he/she would love to get rid of. The player has to give five reasons which can be as below: I want to get rid of my cell phone as I always wanted to have the new version. I want to get rid of my cell phone because it {Read More}

Hot Or Cold – Party Game

Things Required An object to hide or the prize How To Play Divide the players into pairs or couples can also play. Either of the players will hide one objects or prize in the party hall. After hiding, the second partner will come in the room and start searching as per the guidance given by the other partner. The other partner will guide by using words ‘hot’ and cold’ for ex. If your partner is not at all near to {Read More}

Love Compatibility Check – Couple Party Game

Things Required A rose and a chocolate Two Chairs A list of questions to be asked How To Play Make the couple sit back to back on the chairs. Give one rose to both of them in one hand and one chocolate in the other hand. (The host can give any other thing of his choice also). Now the host will ask them questions and they have to answer by raising one of their hands. If the answer to questions {Read More}

Bolloywood Relations – One Minute Game

Things Required Photocopies of the paper with following clues written on it Pen/Pencil  How To Play Players need to guess the name of the actor/actress with the help of clues given below. For ex. Bobby Deol’s, father’s nephew —- Abhay Deol Sharmila Tagore’s, daughter’s, brother’s wife (Kareena Kapoor) Ranbir Kapoor’s, father’s, neice’s husband (Saif Ali Khan) Ajay Devgan’s, wife’s, mother’s sister (Nutun) Akshay Kumar’s, wife’s father (Rajesh Khanna) Soha Ali Khan’s, brother’s, wife’s mother in law (Sharmila Tagore) Sonam Kapoor’s, {Read More}

Matka Jatka Test – Couple Party Game

Things Required Two 10 feet high poles A decorated rope Different colored clay pots Lock and key One 5 ft long wooden stick How To Play Fix the two poles say 15 feet apart and tie a rope between them. Hang different color clay pots randomly on the rope . Mark a starting point say 10 feet from the poles. Tie the female partner hands with ropes and a lock. Tell him the color of the pot in which the {Read More}

Bolloywood Color Songs – One Minute Game

Things Required Paper Chits One bowl Paper/pen How To Play Write different colors White, Black, Red, Green & Blue on five paper chits. Make 2-3 sets of chits according to the no. of  players. Fold the chits and put them in a bowl. Give paper and pen to all the players. Every couple will take one chit from the bowl. The game is that all the couples need to write down songs with that color which is written on the {Read More}

Valentine Messages – Party Game

Things Required Helium balloons Blank as well as winning messages chits How To Play Make blank slips except one or two i.e. the winning messages. Write some valentine message on that for eg. Happy Valentine’s to one of my favorite friend ever Valentine’s Day and every day, I’m grateful for you. Boyfriends/girlfriend come and go, but friends are forever! Happy Valentines day! Put these messages along with blank slips in the balloon filled with helium. Attach a ribbon to the {Read More}

Tambola With A Twist – Couple Party Game

Things Required Tambola board and token 6 Paper chits 2 Bowls How To Play Give one tambola board  and tokens kept in a bowl to one couple. Write the following on six paper chits : 1-15  Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji 16-30 Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, 31-45 Hum Tumare Hai Sanam, 46-60 Kya Cool Hai Hum, 61-75 Teri Meri Kahani , 76-90 Buddha Mil gaya Fold the chits and put them in a bowl. The couples have to take out {Read More}