15 Games for Master Chef Theme Party


1. War between Haldi and Ginger

Give one basket filled with dry ginger and  dry haldi (turmeric) and  two clear bowls.  Blindfold the player. As the time starts, the player has to put  ginger and haldi in separate bowls by touching and guessing.  Time limit is one minute. Give 10 point for the correct pieces and minus 5 for incorrect ones.  The player who gets the maximum marks wins.

2. Squeeze the lemon

Give a bowl filled with half cut lemons and a beaker.  The player  have to squeeze the juice from the lemons with hands in the beaker.  Time limit is one minute. Player who has extracted the maximum juice wins.

3. Floating peas

Put some peas in a bowl filled with water.  The peas will start floating in the water. The game is that you have to pick the peas with the help of tweezer and put them in a clear bowl. Time limit one minute. Player who has picked up maximum peas wins.

4. Touch & Feel  The Spice

Put any ten spices which appears same in shape if you touch them for eg. black pepper,  mustard seeds, fenugreek, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, Fennel seeds, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, pomegranate (anardana) seeds, ajwain, white pepper etc.  Blindfold the player and tell them to tell the spice by touching them.  The player who guesses the  maximum no. of correct speices wins.

5. Kitchen Colors

Tell all the players to write  the names of things used or found in kitchen on a paper  as many as they can in one minute of different color. For ex. Red – Apple, Pomegranate, Green- Moong dal, peas, palak, mint leaves, Yellow – Arhar dal, channa dal, besan, White – Atta, maida, salt etc.   The player who write the maximum things wins.

6. Guess The Ingredients

Make any dish or salad with different vegetables, spices and dressings. Call the players one by one  and tell them to taste and smell the dish and write the ingredients used in that dish. The player who writes the maximum correct  ingredients wins

7. Mystery Box

Give paper and pen to all the participants. Keep around 15 ingredients in the mystery box. Call the players one by one and tell them to see the ingredients and write the recipe which they can make by using all these ingredients. The one who writes the best recipe wins.

8. Napkin folding

Give six pieces of napkins and they have to fold the napkins in six different designs. Time limit is one minute.

9.Sort Out The Sesame

Mix black and white sesame seeds in a bowl. The player has to separate the black and white sesame seeds and put them in two different bowls. Time limit is one minute. You can mix any two pulses (dals) also

10. Taste  Test

Keep ten different types of spreads, sauces, dips, jams etc. in small bowls.  Blindfold the player and let him taste and guess the item. The player who correctly guesses the most items wins.

11.Green Chilly Race

Give one bowl filled with green chilies with stems and  one safety pin. The game is that the player has to shift the green chilies from one bowl to another with the help of safety pin i.e.the player has to hold the stem of  the green chilly  in the hole of safety pin and then keep it in another bowl. The player who has transferred the maximum chilies wins.  The chilies which have fallen down while transferring will not be counted.

12.Find The Things

Give one container filled with wheat.  Put small things like button, safety pin, key, one or two pieces of macroni, pasta, white chane, rajma etc.  Make small chits of the things which you have mixed in the container.  Keep all the slips in the bowl.   As the time starts, the player has to take out one slip and find that thing from the container. The player cannot take out the second slip till he finds the first thing. Time limit is one minute. The player who has taken out the maximum things wins.

13. Dress Your Master-chef

Divide the players  into groups and give them chart paper, scissor, tape, glue, sketch pens etc. The team has to choose one person as Master-chef. They have to make apron, hat out of that chart paper and dress that person.

 14. Set The Dinning Table

Divide the guests into groups and give them crockery and cutlery for six people, tablecloth, table mats, napkins etc. and ask them to arrange the table. The team who arranges the best is the winner.

 15. Master Chef Quiz

Make a set of  15-20 questions related to Master Chef like Who is the winner of MasterChef India Season 1 winner? Who hosted this season 2? In which year Master Chef India Season  2 was aired and on which TV Channel? Who was the winner of Junior Masterchef India? What is prize money the winner will get? Who was the runner up of Masterchef India Season4? etc. The player who gives maximum correct answers wins.

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