Guess Popcorn Flavour – Party Game

Things Required Different flavours of popcorns How To Play Keep 7-8 flavors of popcorn eg. Butter popcorn, Cheese popcorn, Chocolate Caramel popcorn, Almond Pecan popcorn, Spicy  popcorn, Peanut Butter popcorn, Salted Caramel popcorn, Caramel Apple popcorn etc. in different bowls. Blindfold the player and feed him the popcorn. The  player has to guess the flavor of the popcorn. Time limit is one minute. Winner The one who is able to guess maximum flavours wins. The best part of the game {Read More}

Popcorn Toss – Lohri Party Game

Things Required 3-4 deep  bowls One bowl full of popcorns How To Play Place the bowls in a vertical line or in triangle shape. Players will  stand on a designated line and toss popcorn into the bowls. Award some points to each bowl but do not tell the points to the player otherwise the player will try to throw the popcorn in the bowl with highest points. Time limit is one minute. Add up their scores according to how much {Read More}

Drop The Popcorns – Lohri Party Game

Things Required A bowl full of popcorns An empty bowl How To Play Let the player  stand in front of the chair. Keep a bowl at the back of the chair on the ground. Give the bowl filled with pop corns  to the participant. As the time starts, the player has to  drop the popcorns one by one into the bowl over the chair. Time limit is one minute. Count the popcorns which have fallen inside the bowl.   Winner The {Read More}

Coins & Dice – Kitty Party Game

Thing Required Coins of Re 1,2 and 5 denomination One dice How To Play Give nine coins ie. 1,2 and 5 Rupee denomination (3 each) coin to every player. Each player will roll the dice If the player rolls 1,2 and 5 they have to give that denomination coin to the next player. If it is 3,4 and 6 nothing is to be given and the player will have to wait for the next round. As soon as your coins {Read More}

Ginger VS Turmeric War – One Minute Party Game

Things Required One basket filled with ginger and haldi (turmeric) roots Two clear bowls How To Play Give one basket filled with ginger and  haldi (turmeric) roots and  two clear bowls. Blindfold the player. The twist of the game is that they both looks like the same when you touch them and it is very difficult to differentiate. As the time starts, the player has to put  ginger and haldi in separate bowls by touching and guessing. Time limit is {Read More}

Bangles & Balloon – One Minute Game

Things Required One inflated balloon Some bangles in a tray How To Play Keep some bangles in a tray. Give one inflated balloon to the player. As the time starts, players has to keep the balloon in the air while wearing the bangles in her hand. Balloon should not drop on the floor. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to wear maximum bangles without dropping the balloon wins.

Pin The Nose On Rudolph – Christmas Party Game

Things Required A big poster of  Rudolph Small red circles of paper Double sided tape or glue. A cloth to blind fold the players How To Play Fix the large poster of Rudolph on the wall. Give each participant the red circles with double sided tape or glue. Blindfold the player revolve him/her 3 times and ask to pin the nose on Rudolph. Winner The person who will be able to pin the nose properly or the closest on the Rudolph wins.

10 Games For Color Based Theme Party

Kitty party with a good theme will take your party from a boring gathering to the party full of enthusiasm and excitement. It creates fun, enjoyment and interaction among your guests. We should keep in mind the decoration, dress code, color code, games, return gifts, food etc. while organizing a theme party.  We are sharing below some games for  Yellow Color based theme party. You can keep these games for any other color also 1.Crazy Musical Color Race Scatter different {Read More}

Dimag Ki Batti Jalao – Kitty Party Game

Things Required Photocopy of above picture or any other picture as per the no. of players A list of questions as per the picture and pen for everyone How To Play Give this picture to everyone for one minute and tell them to observe it carefully and then take it back. Give one list of questions which they have to answer in one minute. The question can be : What is the color of the flower ? Which side of {Read More}

Bucket & Ball – Party Game

  Things Required 5-6 deep  buckets 30 -35 cosco balls or plastic balls How To Play Keep 5-6 buckets  in a big circle. Award different points to different buckets. The player will stand in the middle of the circle and will throw the balls into different buckets. Award some points to each bucket but do not tell the points to the player otherwise the player will try to throw the balls in the bucket with highest points. Time limit is {Read More}