Translate The Movie Name – Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required A list of hindi movie names translated in English as below Upbringing Man Drunkard Say that there is love Enemy Bargainer Kidnap Noise Injured Twins Search Gardener Trident Visual Gambler Pen/pencil How To Play Give the above list to all the players The players have to translate  the names of movies in hindi Time limit is one minute Winner The player who writes the maximum correct answers wins. The answers are 1.Parvarish 2.Adami 3.Sharabi 4.Kaho Na Pyaar Hai {Read More}

15 Games For Diwali Theme Party


1.Crackers Tambola On a paper draw any four crackers like annar, phuljhadi, firki,rocket. Now the players have to write 4 numbers of their choice on each cracker. The game can be played as four crackers as 4 lines, early 4 ie. one no. each in every cracker and full houses. 2.Children’s Fancy Dress Competition Kids are welcome to show their talent by dressing them up as Ram, Laxman, Sita etc.  They can recite slokas,sing devotional songs, narrate few sentences about {Read More}

10 Playing Cards Games For Diwali Theme Party

playing cards

  1.Beads And Cards Keep black and red beads in two bowls. The player will shuffle the cards and start opening the cards.  The game is that the player has to keep red beads on diamond and heart cards and black beads on spade and club cards as per the no. The player who is able to complete maximum no. of cards wins. 2.Safety Pins And Cards Give a bowl of safety pins and one hanky each to a couple. {Read More}

King Queen & Jack Tambola – Tambola Game


Things Required Tambola board & tokens Tambola tickets Pen/pencil How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s ticket, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. The twist of the game is divide the ticket in 3 blocks i.e. first three columns ( no.1 to 30) middle three columns (31 to 60) and last three columns (61 {Read More}

15 Games For Halloween Theme Party


1.Halloween Musical Walk Draw a big circle on the floor. Now either paste the picture of any Halloween character like mummy, full moon, bat, devil, ghost, pumpkin, spider, witch etc. or draw it on the floor.  All the players will stand around the circle. Blindfold all the players.  As the music starts, everybody will start walking in the circle  around the picture just like musical chair.  As the music stops, the players standing on the picture are out the game. {Read More}

15 Games For Karva Chauth Theme Party

15 games for Karvachauther theme party

1.Jumbled Hubby Names Write 15  hubby pet names in jumbled way on a paper for ex. Honey-yneho, Jannu-uanjn, Darling-ngilrda, Pritam-tmairp etc.  The one writes the maximum correct names in one minute wins. 2. Dice And Nail Polish All the players should sit in a circle and any one can start the game. Give one dice and nail polish to the player. The game is that they have to roll the dice and as per the rolled no. they have to {Read More}

Dice Tambola – Tambola Game


Things Required Tambola tickets Tambola board and tokens One dice How To Play Distribute the tickets and all the players should sit in a circle. This tambola has to be played with dice. Before starting the game place all the tokens on the board. The game is that everybody has to throw the dice and if 1 no. comes the player will cut one number in his/her ticket as per his/her choice. Then the player will announce the no. which {Read More}

Watch Your Host – Karvachauth Party Game

An fun game where the host will show the items in a tray but the players have to answer the questions about the dress of host.

Things Required Paper and pen for all players A list of questions as mentioned below A tray for keeping all the karva chauth related things How To Play Keep all the Karva Chauth related things in a tray  for eg. mehandi, , ribbon, sindoor, churi, pheni, matti, moon,  bindi, lipstick, kajal, eye-liner, mangalsutra, manngtika, rings, necklace, bangles, earrings, payal, toe-rings, nose ring, karwa,thali, coconut, sieve, sweets, fruits etc. Tell everyone to pay attention to the host but do not tell {Read More}

Hubby Pet Names -Tambola Game

hubby pet names

Things Required Paper and pencil for each player One Sheet and chits containing  all the names given by the players. One empty bowl How To Play Give paper and pencil to everyone with 30 small empty squares in them just like bingo ticket. Now ask them to write 15 names (5 in each line) with whom either they call their husband or they have heard their friends calling their husband for eg.Sweetheart, Prince Charming, Rockstar, Romeo, Tiger, Angel, Baby, Bad boy, {Read More}

12 Games For Navratri Theme Party

happy navratri

1.Navratri Decoration Competition A group party game for navratri in which players have to decorate the given area in given time. Click here to read more about Navratri Decoration Competition.. 2.Navratri Prasad Players have to separate the Panchmeva prasad.distributed during Navratri  according to the chit and put them in the bowl.Click here to read more about Navratri Prasad 3.Navratri Theme Tambola  A innovation tambola game  to be played during navratri festival. Click here to read more about Navratri Theme Tambola 4.Navratri {Read More}