Group Yourself – New Year Party Game

new year party game

Things Required Music to play How To Play The game is that all the guests who are participating have to form groups when the music stops. As the music stops, the host will call out a number which will be between 2 to 10. When the number is called out all the guests must try to form a group by holding their hands as per the number. The guests who are not in any group will be out of the {Read More}

New Year Resolution – Party Game


Things Required Pen and Paper for every players How To Play Give paper and pen to every player. As the time starts, tell everybody to write some funny innovative New Year Resolution alongwith their name on the paper. Time limit is one minute. As the time is over, everybody  has to put their resolution  in a basket kept on the table. Anybody from the party can start reading the resolutions one by one. The resolution which raises the maximum laughter {Read More}

New Year Greetings – Party Game

Kids party game - find the chair

Things Required  Some light music How to Play Blindfold one of the players. Any other player will go forward and shake hands with the blind folded person He  will greet him  by saying “Happy New Year” in his changed or some funny  voice. That blindfolded person must guess who is greeting him. If the guess is correct they can swap their places. If the guess is wrong then the next person should go and greet him.

Reverse Alphabets – New Year Game

one minute party game

Thing Required Pens and Paper How To Play Give pen and paper to every player Every players has to write the alphabets of “Happy New Year” in reverse for ex. Yppah Wen Raey as many times as possible. Time limit is one minute Winner The player who writes the reverse alphabets maximum number of times correctly in one minute wins.

Pass The Christmas Bell – Party Game

Kids party game

Things Required One Christmas Bell How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. Blindfold one player who will stand in the middle of the circle. Give one bell to one of the players sitting in the circle. As the time starts, everybody will start singing “Merry Christmas” or some Christmas carol. While singing they will try to silently pass the bell to another player. As the time ends, remove the blindfold and now that player will guess {Read More}

Unwrap The Gift – Christmas Party Game


Things Required Small gifts Wrapping paper One pair of bulky gloves Tape and scissors Boxes small as well as big ones How To Play Wrap small gifts in multiple layers of boxes and wrapping paper. All the players should sit in a circle. Give one pair of bulky gloves and one gift to the player. The game is that the players have to put on the gloves and unwrap the multi layer gift. Time limit is one minute. The players {Read More}

Beads & Earrings – One Minute Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required One large bowl filled with different color beads 5 pairs of earrings of different designs but of same size How To Play Mix the five pair of earrings i.e. 10 in number in the bowl filled with beads. The players has to find the earrings from the bowl and make the correct pairs. Time limit is one minute Winner The player who make the maximum correct pairs wins.

Christmas & New Year Tambola

christmas and new year tambola

Things Required Paper and pencil for each player Printout of above image as per the number of players Tambola tokens and board How To Play Tell the players to write any numbers of their choice from 1 to 90 under each alphabet. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. You {Read More}

Stars On Christmas – Party Game

one minute christmas party game

Things Required Star stickers Printouts of the above image as per the number of players How To Play Show the picture to the player before starting the game. Blindfold the player and tell him to stick the stars on the picture. Stars sticked on the picture will get  10 points . Starts sticked outside the picture will get minus 10 points. Time limit is one minute. Total the score. Winner The player who has the maximum score wins.

Carol Partner – Christmas Party Game


Things Required Two sets of slips with some popular Christmas Carol songs written on it  for ex. Jingle Bells, Santa Baby, Sliver bells, Slient Nights etc. How To Play Put all the slips in Santa’s cap. One by one the player will come and take one slip from the cap. Now two players have the slip of the same carol. As the time starts, everybody will start humming the carol written on their slip. The game is that they have {Read More}