Bangles Luck – Party Game

one minute party game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Vinita Jain. Thanks to her for sharing such innovative and fun game with us. Things Required 50 bangles in a bowl   A dice Gifts according to number of winners How To Play Put bangles in a bowl . Now each player has to throw the dice six times. If the dice rolls to number 1 then the player has to put 1 bangle in her little  finger . On number 2,  {Read More}

Fill Bollywood Number – One Minute Party Game


This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Lata Agarwal. Thanks to Lata for sharing such a wonderful game with us. Things Required Pen as per the number of participants Printouts of paper with a list of following bollywood movies: alibaba     ________ chor woh ______ din ____ saal baad _________ A love story love _____ ___kaidi ______numberi chachi _____ _______deviyan _____kaliyan  How To Play Give one printout & pen to each player. They have to fill in the blanks {Read More}

Diwali Musical Chairs – Party Game


Things Required Chairs as per the number of players Music to play Make  small chits  and write the name of crackers on that chit for eg., anar, bijli bomb, time bomb, sparklers,chakras, rocket, hunter, ladis etc. How To Play Make a  circle of chairs with the backs of chairs towards inside of the circle. There should be one less chair than the number of players playing the game. Before starting the game, place one chit under each seat of the {Read More}

Taste The Dish – Party Game

group party game

Things Required One dish per player or family Name chits of all participants (one per family if whole family is participating) Pen/Pencil & Paper How To Play Since it is a potluck party, everybody has to bring a dish. Everybody will submit the list of ingredients used to make that dish to the host. Give one paper and pen/pencil to each player or family. Now each player has to pick a name chit and taste the dish made by the {Read More}

Dryfruit Bags – Party Game


Things Required Bowls with mixed dry fruits (almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, pistachio) as per the number of players 4 decorated cotton/nylon gift bags for each player How To Play Give one bowl full of  mixed dry fruits  and four cotton/plastic gift bags. The players has to separate all the four dry fruits and fill them separately in the four gift bags Winner The player who is able to complete at the earliest is the winner !! After the game is {Read More}

Broken Playing Cards – Party Game


Things Required An old pack of playing cards How To Play Take a old pack of cards. Separate Ace, King, Queen and Jack  of the all colors ie. total 16 cards. Cut the cards in different shapes (maximum into 4 or 5 pieces).  Mix all the pieces. The game is that the players have to match and make the right cards i.e. color, shape and number of card should be the same. Time limit is one minute Winner The player {Read More}

Creative Diwali – Party Game

diwali party game

Things Required Thermocol Paper Plates Pen/Pencil How To Play Let all the players put their paper plates on their head. The game is to be played as per the following instructions . Draw two candles and two diyas. Draw a swastika.  Write Happy Diwali. Now everybody should look at their creative art and score themselves as per the following 5 points if the candles are not touching each other 2 points if they are. 4 points if the diyas are {Read More}

Candles & Dice – Party Game


Things Required 4 candles for each player Dice How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle & give 4 candles to everyone. The game is everyone has to roll the dice one by one. If the player gets any number from 1-5 for for example 4 then the player sitting fourth from his/her right has to give one candle to the player who has played the dice. If the dice rolls 6 then the players has to {Read More}

Paper Cups Stack – One Minute Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required 50 Paper Cups Sketch Pen of any color How To Play Out of 50 paper cups, host should color one of the cup with the sketch pen such that it looks different from other cups. Now put all the paper cups one in another like a stack and put the colored paper cup at the top. Now each player has to grab the cup from the top and put it at the bottom. This is to be done {Read More}

Balance The Dices – One Minute Party Game


Things Required Six Dices Pop Sticks as per the number of players How To Play Each player has to put the pop stick in his/her mouth. Now he or she has to balance six dices one above another on pop stick. Time limit is one minute. Winner Player who is able to balance all the six dices in one minute on the pop stick will be the winner.