15 Games for Master Chef Theme Party


1. War between Haldi and Ginger Give one basket filled with dry ginger and  dry haldi (turmeric) and  two clear bowls.  Blindfold the player. As the time starts, the player has to put  ginger and haldi in separate bowls by touching and guessing.  Time limit is one minute. Give 10 point for the correct pieces and minus 5 for incorrect ones.  The player who gets the maximum marks wins. 2. Squeeze the lemon Give a bowl filled with half cut {Read More}

12 Games For Fruits & Vegetables Theme Party

f and v

1.Fruit Pie A fun party game in which players have to dunk their head in a water tub filled with fruits and pick up maximum fruits using their mouth in one minute. Check more about Fruit Pie 2. Fruits Tambola Game An innovative fruits tambola game. Check more about Fruits Tambola Game 3. Longest Peel A fun party game in which players have to peel the apple without breaking the peel. Check more about Longest Peel 4.Rubber Bands On Lemon {Read More}

Games For Kitchen Queen Theme Party

kitchen queen

1. Mirch Masala Tambola  A different variation of tambola game in which numbers are replaced by spices and on full house player has to say Dal Tadka is ready.Check more about Mirch Masala Tambola 2. Kitchen Tambola Game An innovative kitchen tambola game. Check more about Kitchen Tambola Game 3. Mirch Masala Jewelry  An interesting kitty party game in which participants have to make creative jewelry using indian spices. Check more about Mirch Masala Jewelry 4. Rice and Buttons – {Read More}

Musical Umbrella – Group Party Game For Monsoon

monsoon based theme games

Things Required Umbrellas Some music to play Soft toy for playing passing the parcel How To Play Ask all your guests to bring their umbrella while coming to the party. Tell them to keep their umbrella outside the room. As the music starts, start playing the passing the parcel. As the music stops, the player who is holding that parcel will go out and pick one umbrella of his/her choice of course not their own. The player whose umbrella that {Read More}

15 Games For Flower Theme Party

flower quiz party game

1. Musical Flowers Cut large flower shaped chart papers and place in a row on the floor in place of chair. Play the music with flower themed song. The game continues just as Musical Chair  2, Flower Rangoli competition Make rangoli with using different types of flowers and their petals in two minutes  3, Longest Garland Make the longest garland with the help of needle, thread and flowers in one minute. 4. Singing Or Writing Competition Singing competition i.e. songs {Read More}

Teej Queen – Kitty Party Game

game for teej party

Things Required A box of chocolate eclairs A crown for Teej Queen A list of questions How To Play Since it is a Teej Party and we have to find a Teej Queen i.e. the one who is wearing or having maximum green things. The host will start asking the following questions one by one and will give one chocolate eclairs to one who answers that question. The lady who is wearing green dress (saree or suit) the one who {Read More}

12 Games For Janamasthmi Celebrations


Lord Krishna or Ladoo Gopal is described as naughty and playful but very sweet and loving for his activities like stealing butter, running after gopis, for his melodious flute, fighting for justice etc.  We celebrate the birth of Lodoo Gopal on Janam asthami.  All the temples are decorated and many cultural programmes are organized to depict the life of Lord Krishna.  We can also celebrate this festival by playing below fun games on Janmashtmi. 1. Krishna’s Crown Making Competition Give {Read More}

10 Games for Bollywood Party Theme

bollywood musical party game

1. Fill Bollywood Number One minute party games in which players have to fill the numbers to complete bollywood movie names. Check out fill bollywood number… 2. Musical Quiz A fun musical quiz game in which player have to write maximum correct answers about movies & tv serial songs. Check out musical quiz… 3. Bollywood Musical A bollywood musical party game in which participants have to sing maximum bollywood songs based on given cues. Check out bollywood musical… 4. Bollywood {Read More}

Whistling Snacks – Party Game


Things Required Some snacks for eg. slice of fruit cake, donut or any sweet etc. Whistles as per the no. of players How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. Give two slice of any snack for eg.  fruit cake, donut, any sweet etc. and one whistle to all the players. As the time starts, everybody will put the cake in their mouth and start eating. The game is  that everybody  have to finish their snacks and {Read More}

Guess& Sketch The Object – Party Game


 Things Required A small bag full of some objects like ball, pencil, stapler, pen, an apple, a pack of biscuits etc.or according to the theme of the party Drawing sheet and pen for all the players How To Play Divide the players in pairs. Let them sit back to back. Give the bag to one player and drawing sheet  and pen to other. As the time starts, the player with the bag will take out one thing from the bag {Read More}