Navratri Decoration Competition

Navratri quiz party game

Things Required Durga Maa Idol kept on the table Pack of candles Five diyas with ghee batti and match box Five flower garlands with loose flowers Kalash and nariyal Aarti Thali Some rangoli colors 2-3 Red Chunnis How To Play Divide the players into groups. Place one Durga Maa Idol on the table. The game is each group has to decorate the table and aarti thali for puja using the above things. The prizes can be given for best table {Read More}

Dandiya Tambola – Navratri Game

dandiya tambola game

Things Required Tambola board & tokens Printouts of below Tambola ticket Pen/pencil How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s ticket, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. The prizes can be claimed as follows : If the numbers written on the the female dress are cut,  players have to say ‘I am Danidya Queen’ If {Read More}

Dress Up Durga Maa – Navratri Party Game


Things Required Bindi, mangtikka, nath, haar, karn phool, trishul ,mehandi,chooridya, bajubandh,kamarbandh, payal, phul mala, red chuuni etc. 5 each or as per the number of groups. How To Play Divide players into groups of 5 ladies. Each group will select one of their group member to be dressed up as Durga Maa. The group members will collect the required  things for dressing up as per their choice. Time limit is five minutes. Winner The group whose Durga Maa is dressed {Read More}

Navratri Quiz – Party Game

Navratri quiz party game

Things Required Write below some questions on a paper related to Navratras  and get it photocopied as per the number of players. Pen/pencil for every participant Garba  the folk dance of which state? Which place of Karnataka is famous for its elephant processions on the occasion of Dussehra? Which state celebrates ‘Bomma Kolu’ that is the display of dolls during Navratri? In which place, the main temple of Durga Ji is located in  Srinagar? In which state Durga Maa is {Read More}

Dandiya Masti – Navratri Game

dandiya masti navratri game

Things Required Take a print out of the below  famous Bolloywood Dandiya and Garba songs. Pen/pencil 1. Chand Aaya Hai Zameen Pe,Aaj Garbe Ki Raat Mein 2. Radha Kaise Naa Jale, Radha Kaise Naa Jale Aag Tan Mann Me Lage 3. Bani Bani Bani Re Bani Prem Divanee Bani 4. Ghoonghat Mein Chand Hoga Aachal Mei Chandi   5. Ri Gori Chalo Ri Chori Chori, Milan Rut Aayi Re 6. Wada Kiya Hai – Naachenge Hum Disco Daandiyaa 7. Dholi {Read More}

Nine Forms of Maa Durga – Navratri Party Game


Things Required Take print out of below sheet as per the number of participants Pen/pencil for the participants. During Navratri, the nine different forms of Devi are worshipped over the nine days. Each Goddess has a different form and a special significance. Match  the following forms of  Goddess with their significance. How To Play Give one printout & pen/pencil to each participant. Participants now have to match them. Time limit is one minute. Correct answers are give below Winner The {Read More}

Playing Card Race – Party Game

valentine's day party game

Things Required A pack of cards How To Play Cover all the 52 cards with paper, so that nobody can see which card they have got. Distribute one  card to each  player but instruct them not to open till the game starts. The game is that as the time starts, they have to open the cards and see them. Accordingly they have to make four teams as Spade, Clubs, Diamonds & Hearts. All the 13 players of each team have {Read More}

Hit The Man – Party Game

party game

Things Required Paper balls from old newspapers How To Play Draw an outline sketch of a man and hang the same  on the wall. Make 10  paper balls from old newspapers. Mark a line say 8 feet apart from that wall. The game is that the player has to hit the man with the paper balls. Define different points for each ball for eg. if the balls hits the head 10 points, for arms 7 points, legs 5 points, for {Read More}

Crack The Movie Names – One Minute Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required A list of any actor’s name in an abbreviated form as below. For example below is the list of Shahrukh  Khan’s movie names in abbreviated form. KA KHKN HTHS PBDHH BB RBGG KANK CDI DTPH KKHH CE ATG YB VZ MNIK Pen/Pencil How To Play Give this list to all the players. They have to write the full name of movies. Time limit is one minute. The correct answers are 1.Karan Arjun, 2. Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa, 3.Hum {Read More}

Find The Chair – Party Game

Kids party game - find the chair

Things Required A chair A piece of cloth to blindfold the participants How To Play Ask each participant one by one to sit on chair. Blindfold the participant. Now ask the participant to stand up, take 5 steps forward, turn to right, take 5 steps again and now turn right, take 5 steps, turn right again and take 5 steps. Blindfolded participant should now be able to find the chair and sit on it without taking any further steps. Winner {Read More}