Navdurga Passing The Parcel – Party Game


Things Required Slips from 1 to 100 One Bowl Some music How To Play Make slips from No 1 to 100 and put them in the bowl. Since this game is to be played during Navratri so No. 9 is very important because we worship nine forms of Durga All the players should sit in a circle. The game is to be played just like passing the parcel. Put on some music and start passing the bowl. As the music {Read More}

Maa Durga Tambola – Navratri Game


Things Required Tambola board & tokens Pen/pencil How To Play Give one tambola ticket to each players. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number.. If that number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. For early 5 players have to say ‘Reached Katra” For corners players have to say ‘Started yatra from Darshani Darwazza’ For top row players have to {Read More}

Navratri Theme Tambola – Navratri Game


Things required Paper and pencil for each player One Sheet  containing  108 names of Maa Durga for ex. Sati, Saadhvi, Ratnapriya, Lakshmi,  Bhavani, Arya, Durga, Jaya etc. 108 chits with Maa Durga names on it. One empty bowl How To Play Give paper and pencil to everyone with  30 small empty squares in them just like bingo ticket. Let everyone write any 15 names of Maa Durga of their choice in the chit(5 in each line)and keep the remaining squares {Read More}

Navratri Prasad – Party Game

maa durga

Things Required Panch Meva Prasad which is distributed during Navratri  i.e. makhane, almonds(badam), cashew nuts (kaju), small pieces of dry coconut and raisins One empty bowl How To Play Mix all the panchmeva prasad in a big bowl. Make small chits of panchmeva and put them in a bowl. The game is that the player has to take out one chit. As per the chit,  players have to separate that particular thing  from that big bowl for ex. if the {Read More}

11 Games For Childhood Theme Party


A great way to  remember your  Bachpan or childhood is to have a Childhood theme party  which recollects your old memories how we use to play outdoor games like pitthoo,flying kites, latto, chor police, gulli danda, stapu, chupan chupai, tippy tippy tap what color do you want etc.  in scorching heat during summer and also use to play some indoor games like Ludo,  playing card, toungue twisters, carom,  X and O (Tic Tac Toe), snakes and ladder, name place animal {Read More}

11 Games for Ganesh Chaturthi Theme Party

ganpati 2

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha with great enthusiasm and this festival lasts for almost 10 days. These ten days are celebrated with cultural activities like singing competitions. rangoli/mehandi competitions, Bal Ganesha painting competions, devotional dance performances either solo or in groups etc.We can also celebrate this festival by playing below fun games : 1. Count The Modak’s Take a picture of Lord Ganesh, put carbon paper and one blank sheet on top of it.  Staple {Read More}

Color Your Ganpati – Ganesh Chaturthi Party Game


Things Required Sketch of Ganpati as per no. of players Drawing colors A dice How To Play Give one sketch of Ganpati and drawing colors to all the players. All the players will sit in a circle. The players have to color the sketch as per the no, which has come  on their  dice. As the game starts, the first player will roll the dice and will color the sketch as follows For no.1 the player have to color the {Read More}

15 Games for Master Chef Theme Party


1. War between Haldi and Ginger Give one basket filled with dry ginger and  dry haldi (turmeric) and  two clear bowls.  Blindfold the player. As the time starts, the player has to put  ginger and haldi in separate bowls by touching and guessing.  Time limit is one minute. Give 10 point for the correct pieces and minus 5 for incorrect ones.  The player who gets the maximum marks wins. 2. Squeeze the lemon Give a bowl filled with half cut {Read More}

12 Games For Fruits & Vegetables Theme Party

f and v

1.Fruit Pie A fun party game in which players have to dunk their head in a water tub filled with fruits and pick up maximum fruits using their mouth in one minute. Check more about Fruit Pie 2. Fruits Tambola Game An innovative fruits tambola game. Check more about Fruits Tambola Game 3. Longest Peel A fun party game in which players have to peel the apple without breaking the peel. Check more about Longest Peel 4.Rubber Bands On Lemon {Read More}

Games For Kitchen Queen Theme Party

kitchen queen

1. Mirch Masala Tambola  A different variation of tambola game in which numbers are replaced by spices and on full house player has to say Dal Tadka is ready.Check more about Mirch Masala Tambola 2. Kitchen Tambola Game An innovative kitchen tambola game. Check more about Kitchen Tambola Game 3. Mirch Masala Jewelry  An interesting kitty party game in which participants have to make creative jewelry using indian spices. Check more about Mirch Masala Jewelry 4. Rice and Buttons – {Read More}