Krishna Bhajan Leela – Janamasthmi Game


Things Required

  • Small chits of papers
  • 1 empty bowl

How To Play

  • Write first line of any 3  Krishna bhajans on a paper for eg. Shyam tumse milne ka satsang hi bahana hai, Jag mei sunder hai do naam chahe Krishna kaho ya Ram, Kabhi Ram banke kabhi Shayam banke chal aana pabhu jee etc.
  • Take few sheets of paper and cut them into small chits and now write  one word on each chit i.e.Shyam on one chit, tumse on another chit – 8 chits.
  • Make all the chits for the above three different bhajans and also make some blank chits.
  • Mix all the chits and put them  in a bowl.
  • Each player gets a turn to open the chits and keep them in the sequence.
  • Time limit is one minute


Player who is able to complete either the complete line or find the maximum words  of one bhajan wins!!

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