5 One Minute Group Party Games

1. Switch Your Shoe One minute group party game in which players in a group have to switch their shoes. Check out switch your shoe…. 2. Lock Your Arms A one minute team building game in which team leaders  have to start approaching other participants and lock their arms to create longest chain. Check out lock your arms… 3. Fly Your Airplane A one minute group game in which each team has to make maximum airplanes in one minute and {Read More}

Lemons Ka Funda – One minute Party Game

Things Required A basket full of lemons An empty basket Two tables How To Play Divide the players into teams of 8 players. Let the team stand in two vertical columns facing each other in a zig zag way. Mark a starting line and a finishing line say 20 feet apart. Keep one table at the starting point and one at the finishing line.  Keep one basket full of lemons at the starting point and one empty basket at the {Read More}

Playing Card Race – Party Game

Things Required A pack of cards How To Play Cover all the 52 cards with paper, so that nobody can see which card they have got. Distribute one  card to each  player but instruct them not to open till the game starts. The game is that as the time starts, they have to open the cards and see them. Accordingly they have to make four teams as Spade, Clubs, Diamonds & Hearts. All the 13 players of each team have {Read More}

Task Relay Game – Group Party Game

Things Required Tables as per the number of groups Task material as per the number of groups How To Play Divide the players into groups of 5. Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Keep one table at the finishing line with five tasks to be completed by the group. The task can be : Open and drink a can of pepsi, Hop on one leg, with a cup of water on your head, and sing a song, Peel {Read More}

Beach Relay Race – Party Game

Thing Required A table where the following things are to be kept A tube of sunscreen A pair of sunglasses Beach Ball One towel Frisbee How to Play Divide guests into teams, and have the members of each team line up. Mark a starting line and finishing line say 10 feet apart. Keep all the things on the table. As the time starts, first player of first team should apply the sunscreen on this face, put sunglasses, blow up a {Read More}

Straw Tower – Party Game

Things Required Pack of Drinking straws, cello tape, a pair of scissors each for every group One tennis ball for each group How To Play Divide the players into groups. Give each group  a pack of drinking straws, cello tape, a pair of scissors and one tennis ball. The challenge is to  design a standing tower with the help of straws to accommodate a tennis ball on top of the tower. The players can interconnect the straws either by sliding {Read More}

Obey The Command – Party Game

Things Required Nothing for playing but lots of prizes How To Play Divide the players into groups. The group in turn will choose one person who will represent that team while playing. The host will give command of activities to be done. The activities can be – a person wearing brown shoes, a person with left shoe on right foot, a person with a hanky tied on his head, a person with black tie etc. The game is that each {Read More}

Call For Everyone – Party Game

Thing Required Nothing How To Play Let all the participants sit in a circle on chairs. Any one of the participants can start the game standing in the middle of the circle. As the time starts, the person standing in the middle  will say ‘call for all those who are wearing brown shoes’ The game is that  all the people who are wearing brown shoes have to get up and switch the chairs with someone else who is wearing brown {Read More}

Create Words From Car Number – Party Game

Things Required One bowl to be kept at the entrance Pen and paper for making chits How To Play As the guests starts pouring in the party, give one pen and a small chit to them and ask them to write their car registration number on it and put it in the bowl placed at the entrance. Divide the guests into teams with 8-10 participants each. As the time starts, one participant  from that team has to pick one chit {Read More}

The Camera Scavenger Hunt – Party Game

Things Required List of the things you want to have pictures with participants. Halloween costumes How To Play Divide the participants into two teams and give each team a list of things with which they need to have photographs. e.g. click photograph with policeman, with a bouncer, with some funny objects etc. Winner The team who will collect all the pictures in minimum time, will be the winner.