5 One Minute Group Party Games


1. Switch Your Shoe

one minute party gameOne minute group party game in which players in a group have to switch their shoes. Check out switch your shoe….

2. Lock Your Arms

linking_armsA one minute team building game in which team leadersĀ  have to start approaching other participants and lock their arms to create longest chain. Check out lock your arms…

3. Fly Your Airplane

team_building_gameA one minute group game in which each team has to make maximum airplanes in one minute and fly. Whoever’s airplane flies to maximum distance will be the winner. Check out fly your airplane…

4. Get The Autograph

one minute party gameA one minute party game for groups in which each participant has to get the maximum autographs from other participants. Check out get the autograph…

5. Lemons Ka Funda

One minute party game - rubber band on lemonsA one minute group party game in which players have to play in team and toss lemons from one basket at starting point to another basket at finishing point. Check out lemons ka funda…

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