15 Valentine’s Day Games That You Can’t Miss

dancing_heart1. Cinderella’s Slipper

One minute couple party game in which male partner has to find female partner’s shoe pair and bring it back. Check out cinderlla’s slipper – a couple party game…

2. Dear I Love You

A great romantic couple game that demonstrates synchronization and co-ordination between partners. Check out dear i love you

3. Blindfolded Love

A fun party game which is perfect for valentines day party. Each couple is blindfolded and they have to find their partner following some clues. Check out blindfolded love

4. Dare To Take My Heart

A musical party game with a twist for Valentines Party. Let see who dares to take the heart. Check out dare to take my heart….

5. Guess The Valentine Tag

One minute couple party game for each partner to guess the tag sticked on their back based on clues given by other partner. Check out guess the valentine tag

6. Do not Break My Heart

A fun filled party game where each participant has to blow off the balloons with a dart without hitting heart shaped balloons. Check out do not break my heart

7. We all love ice cream

A sweet couple party game in which each female partner has to feed icecream to the male partner with a spoon in a style. Check out we all love ice cream

8. Broken Hearts

A fun party game where each participant has to find the other pair of a broken heart. This can be played as an icebreaker game also. Check out broken hearts

9. Love Phrases

One minute party game for couples to write love phrases following certain rules. Fun game to keep all the couples engaged for a while. Check out love phrases

10.  Am I Your Cinderella

An interesting and fun party game for adults. It is a perfect icebreaker game. Check out am i your cinderella

11.  Valentine Kiss

A fun valentines day game where each participant have to get blindfolded and kiss closest to the lips of their valentine’s poster. Check out valentine kiss

12. Valentine Tambola

Valentine tambola game. Check out valentine tambola

13. Tower of Hearts

A one minute valentine’s day party game in which participants have to create longest stack of heart shaped pillows. Check out tower of hearts

14. Heart & Arrow

A couple party game in which blindfolded couple has to draw heart and arrow on whiteboard. Check out heart & arrow...

15. Roses for Beloved

A fun valentines day party game for couples in which the male partner has to make garlands of roses and put them in female partner’s neck. Check out roses for beloved...


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