15 Games For Karva Chauth Theme Party


1.Jumbled Hubby Names

Write 15  hubby pet names in jumbled way on a paper for ex. Honey-yneho, Jannu-uanjn, Darling-ngilrda, Pritam-tmairp etc.  The one writes the maximum correct names in one minute wins.

2. Dice And Nail Polish

All the players should sit in a circle and any one can start the game. Give one dice and nail polish to the player. The game is that they have to roll the dice and as per the rolled no. they have to play. If the player gets any no from 1-4 for eg. 3 than the player sitting third from the  left has to apply nail polish on one of the fingers for 5 and 6 the player who has rolled the dice  has to apply nail polish on their own finger. The player who is able to apply nail polish on all the five fingers at the earliest wins.

3.Fun With Ring

Collect either the wedding rings or any ring worn all the ladies. Mix them and place them in a tray. Blindfold the player and ask here to recognize her ring by touching.  Time limit 30 seconds.  If the spouses are there in the party then this game can be played the other way all the women will find their husband’s ring and husband’s will find their wife’s ring blind folded.

4.Bottle And Bangles

Take a small bottle or any round thing. The players have to roll the dice six times.  In the first four times the player has to put the bangles around the bottle according to the no. she has rolled and in the last two chances she has to take out the bangles according to the no.  The player who is left with maximum no. of bangles around the bottle is the winner.

5.Husband Name On Hand

Give one white sheet and one pen to all the ladies. They have to make a sketch of their hand on it. They have to write the name of their husband as many times as they can in one minute.

6.Hubby Pet Names Tambola Game

A specially designed tambola ticket for Karva Chauth and Valentine Day. Check more about  Hubby Pet Names Tambola Game

7.Grab Your Shringar Items

Keep 10-15 shringar(make up) items in a bowl for eg. kajal, lipstick, eye liner, sindoor stick, bindi etc.  Assign some nos. to them which is not to be told to players.  The game is that everybody will be given a change to grab the items with one hand. Note that items on a paper against their names. In the end, you do not have to count the no. of things grabbed, but total the nos. allotted to that particular item and the player with highest no. wins.

8.Miss Call

All the ladies will give a miss call to their husband. The first three ladies who receives a call back from their husband within 3 minutes wins.

 9.Find The Ring

A couple party game for karvachauth in which couple has to find the ring from pot of water. Check more about Find The Ring

 10.Musical Karva Chauth Party Game

A musical group party game for karvachauth.Check more about  Musical Karva Chauth Party Game

11.Saat Phere

A fun couple party game specially designed for karva chauth where the couple has to exchange jaimala and have to take saat phere . Check more about Sat Phere

12.Karva Chauth Tambola

A musical tambola game for karvachauth. Check more about Karva Chauth Tambola

13.Score Your Style

A group party game in which players have to score themselves based on their dresses and ornaments. Check more about  Score Your Style

 14.Beauty Contest

A party game specially designed for karva chauth. Check more about Beauty Contest

15.Sieve & Pins

One minute party game to put maximum pins in bangle through the sieve. Check more about Sieve & Pins

For more Karvachauth party  games click here


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