8 Awesome Games For Karva Chauth Theme Party

Karva Chauth is an one-day long festival from sunrise to moon rise which is traditionally celebrated by Hindu women in North India. While they fast for the welfare of their spouse, these fun games keep them busy from thinking about food. 1.Watch Your Host An fun game where the host will show the items in a tray but the players have to answer the questions about the dress of host. Check more about  Watch Your Host 2.Rose Queen A group party {Read More}

Shaddi Ke Side Effects – Tambola Game

Things Required Take printout of the sheet as mentioned below as per the number of participants Tambola tickets Tambola board and tokens Pen/Pencil How To Play Write the following statements  on a sheet and paste one tambola ticket on top of the sheet. Give this sheet to all the participants. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exits in the ticket, they have to strike it as well as fill that number {Read More}

Fun With Idioms – Party Game

Things Required Write below some famous idioms on a paper and get the same photocopied as per the number of players Muh mein  _______ aana Pet mein ________ kudna Bandar kya jaane ________ ka swaad Ghar ki murgi _______ barabar Jo Garazte hain wo _________ nahi Jaan hai to _________ hai Jiski laathi uski ________ Ghar ka _________ lanka dhaye Nau sau choohe khake _________ haz ko chali Paani me rahkar _________ se bair Jungle me mor naacha _________ dekha {Read More}

15 Games For Karva Chauth Theme Party

1.Jumbled Hubby Names Write 15  hubby pet names in jumbled way on a paper for ex. Honey-yneho, Jannu-uanjn, Darling-ngilrda, Pritam-tmairp etc.  The one writes the maximum correct names in one minute wins. 2. Dice And Nail Polish All the players should sit in a circle and any one can start the game. Give one dice and nail polish to the player. The game is that they have to roll the dice and as per the rolled no. they have to {Read More}

Watch Your Host – Karvachauth Party Game

Things Required Paper and pen for all players A list of questions as mentioned below A tray for keeping all the karva chauth related things How To Play Keep all the Karva Chauth related things in a tray  for eg. mehandi, , ribbon, sindoor, churi, pheni, matti, moon,  bindi, lipstick, kajal, eye-liner, mangalsutra, manngtika, rings, necklace, bangles, earrings, payal, toe-rings, nose ring, karwa,thali, coconut, sieve, sweets, fruits etc. Tell everyone to pay attention to the host but do not tell {Read More}

Hubby Pet Names -Tambola Game

Things Required Paper and pencil for each player One Sheet and chits containing  all the names given by the players. One empty bowl How To Play Give paper and pencil to everyone with 30 small empty squares in them just like bingo ticket. Now ask them to write 15 names (5 in each line) with whom either they call their husband or they have heard their friends calling their husband for eg.Sweetheart, Prince Charming, Rockstar, Romeo, Tiger, Angel, Baby, Bad boy, {Read More}

Colorful Bangles – One Minute Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Vanshika Nanda. Thanks to her for sharing such a fun game with us. Things Required Different color bangles (Minimum 15 bangles of 5 colors each) One Dice Bowl How To Play Keep all the bangles in a bowl. Now one of the player will roll the dice and if dice shows 1, player has to wear one color bangle in thumb and if it shows 2 then player has to wear two {Read More}

Bangles Funda – Teej Party Game

Things Required 10 bangles each of Green, Red, Yellow and Blue color 4 bangles of purple color One bowl for mixing the bangles How To Play Allocate marks to each color for example Green-20, red-15, yellow-10 and Blue-5 Add 4 bangles of any purple color. Mix all bangles in a bowl. Blindfold  the player and ask her to pick any 10 bangles except purple. Add the marks allocated to bangles which the player has picked up. The twist of the {Read More}

Bangles Luck – Party Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Vinita Jain. Thanks to her for sharing such innovative and fun game with us. Things Required 50 bangles in a bowl A dice Gifts according to number of winners How To Play Put bangles in a bowl and give it to the player alongwith the dice. They have to throw the dice and put one bangle in the finger as per the no. for eg. For  no. 1  the player has to {Read More}

Karva Chauth Tambola

Things Required Play music with some selected  karva chauth songs from movies for ex. Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana – Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Ghar Aaja Pardesi Tera Des Bulaaye Re – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Chand Chupa Badal Mein sharma ke Meri Janna – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam  How To Play Write some words from songs on the chits instead of numbers. Players have to listen to the songs very carefully. As the songs are played, the players need {Read More}