Water Balloon Spoon Race

Things Required 2 long wooden or plastic spoons of different lengths Water filled balloons How To Play Draw a starting  line and a finishing line. Give two long but different lengths wooden/plastic spoons and two water filled balloons to each player. At the blow of the whistle, the players  will start moving/running towards the finishing line holding the spoons with water filled balloons in one hand. The player cannot use the other hand. If any of balloons falls in between, {Read More}

Balloon Catch Dance – Party Game

Things Required Some balloons Music for dance How To Play Let all the players start dancing. They should pass a balloon while dancing as passing the parcel. As the music stops, the player holding the balloon will call out the name of another player and toss the balloon in the air. The player whose name was called must try to catch the balloon before it hits the floor. If he fails, he is out of the game. Continue the game {Read More}

Pin The Balloon With Diaper – Holi Party Game

Things Required Water filled balloons Safety pins Cloth diapers How To Play Give one water filled balloon, a safety pin and a cloth diaper to each player. Blindfold the player. As the time starts, the players has to pin the diaper on the water filled balloon just as you pin the diaper on the baby. If the player pops the balloon, he is OUT of the game. Winner The player who is able to pin the diaper without popping wins.

Valentine Messages – Party Game

Things Required Helium balloons Blank as well as winning messages chits How To Play Make blank slips except one or two i.e. the winning messages. Write some valentine message on that for eg. Happy Valentine’s to one of my favorite friend ever Valentine’s Day and every day, I’m grateful for you. Boyfriends/girlfriend come and go, but friends are forever! Happy Valentines day! Put these messages along with blank slips in the balloon filled with helium. Attach a ribbon to the {Read More}

Bangles & Balloon – One Minute Game

Things Required One inflated balloon Some bangles in a tray How To Play Keep some bangles in a tray. Give one inflated balloon to the player. As the time starts, players has to keep the balloon in the air while wearing the bangles in her hand. Balloon should not drop on the floor. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to wear maximum bangles without dropping the balloon wins.

Curious Balloon – Party Game

Things Required Lots of  balloons Two sets of  name slips of the players One bowl How To Play Make two sets of slips of names of players. Keep one set of slips in a bowl and give one name slip and one balloon to players. The players have to put the slip in the balloon and blow the balloon. As the music starts, all the players have to pass the balloons like passing the parcel game. As the music stops, {Read More}

Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016 – New Year Party Game

Things Required Lots of balloons Four slips with words written Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016 Blank slips according to the no. of balloons How To Play Take balloons as many as guests in the party. Make 4 slips with words Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016. Put these four slips in the balloons while blowing them and put blank slips in other balloons. Scatter them in the hall 5 minutes to 12 o’clock. Tell everyone to grab one balloon. As the clock strikes {Read More}

Hanging Balloons – One Minute Party Game

Things Required Balloons Thread Sharp needle with one plastic end How To Play Tie thread to balloons and hang them from the wall at a suitable height. Now give needle to each player and ask him/her to put it in mouth. Player has to tie the hands behind the back and try to prick the balloons with the needle. Time limit is one minute. Winner Player who is able to prick maximum balloons in one minute.

Balloon Chair – Balloon Party Game

Things Required 3 packets of balloons of different sizes,shapes and colors Cello Tape , scissor and thread One wooden/plastic Chair How To Play Divide the players into teams of  4-5 people. Give them 3 packets of balloons of different sizes, scissor, cello tape and a chair. Choose any two guests as judges. The game is that every team has to decorate the chair with balloons. They have to blow the balloon, tie/paste  the balloons on the chair. The chair should {Read More}

Kangaroo Relay Race – Holi Party Game

Things Required Water filled Balloons as per the number of participants How To Play Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Give one water filled balloon to every player. As the time starts, players have to keep the balloons between their knees, and run towards the finishing line like kangaroo.  On reaching the finishing line, the player has to pop the water filled balloon with their hands and  say ‘Happy Holi’ In case the balloon falls in between, the {Read More}