All Good Scents – Evoke Perfume For Women Review

“Awesome” is the word that came out of my mouth when I opened the package received from All Good Scents. The gift box was impressive and that made me even more curious about the product inside. Well it was “Evoke – Women’s Perfume By All Good Scents“. All Good Scents – Creating quality & international standard perfumes at pocket friendly prices, is the first contemporary perfume house that has brought the most celebrated fragrances from around the world. At Ladies {Read More}

MSM Box – Unique Gift Idea For Your Kitty

MSM Box – ‘a lot in a little’ has emerged as an innovative gifting option for various occasions such as Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthdays & not to forget Kitty Parties in a short span of time. We got a chance to interact with them and here is what we got to know…!! began in 2012 as a beauty & fashion blog, with the aim of providing quality content to its readers, and of keeping them updated with the latest {Read More}

15 Return Gift ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Return Gift – one small package which has a high element of surprise. Not only Kids, even we adults feel equally excited and curious to know what is bundled inside that beautiful packing :). Don’t we love it when we get a return gift at the end of our Kitty party! I remember how excited I felt, when I unwrap that tiny bundle followed by an “Oh Wow” and sometimes even an “Oh No”. When it is a matter of {Read More}

Personalized Gift Ideas For Spouse

Gifting is an art…!! It’s not easy to decide what to gift to someone, especially when it is for someone close to you. A gift is special for the person who receives it and also for the one who gives it, since it’s a material form of your love, feelings and care; it has to be chosen very carefully and aesthetically. Here are some suggestions when the Gift is for that special person in your life. 1. Gold Band A {Read More}

15 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower is a custom followed in almost all geographies. It’s usually done somewhere between 6-8 month of pregnancy to shower the expecting lady and the soon to be coming baby with blessings and gifts. It is also a platform for women to share child rearing lessons with the mom to be. Here are some suggestions for Baby shower gift ideas: 1. Baby Clothes The new guest will need those in plenty. Choose loose comfortable clothes as per weather. 2. {Read More}

Gift Ideas For Moms To be

It’s a special time for friends and family alike when a woman close to them is expecting. While most of the people shower expecting women with blessings, some gifts for the lady to make her feel special are any day a refreshing idea! Here at Ladies Kitty we have compiled a list of gifting ideas for Moms to Be. Well, the options are limitless but here are a few suggestions: 1. Body Massage Most of the women feel tired at {Read More}

15 Gift Ideas For Retirement

Moving out from a fixed routine of work life is a mixed feeling of happiness & sadness. Happiness because one can now spend more time with his/her family & sadness because of leaving the work place & colleagues. It is quite confusing to choose a gift for retiree – not only that gift must be thoughtful in nature but it should also encourage retiree to enjoy this new phase of life to the fullest. We have compiled a list of {Read More}

15 Gift Ideas For Dad

If there is any person in this world who lives for us, it’s father. He always fulfils our demands, he lives for our dreams and he is the one who works day & night to give us all kind of happiness of this world. He is our teacher who teaches us all kind of valuable lessons of life. He is the one, who supports us unconditionally & never expect anything in return. It is impossible to gift him anything in {Read More}

15 Gift Ideas For Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is an institution where two people learn a lot about relationships. This is a very strong as well as fragile relationship & it is very important to maintain the spark. Gifts are a reason to rejuvenate your feelings for each other. It is just a way to tell each other that you are really special for me. So the anniversary gifts must be very special. Here we have compiled a list of wedding anniversary gift ideas for your life {Read More}

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a festival of celebrations & gifts. Buying gifts for Christmas is a very exciting as it is one of the best times to show your love & care for family and friends. Choosing gifts for Christmas gets confusing as well because we want to give best gifts to our loved ones. We have compiled a list of great Christmas Gift Ideas for each of your loved ones. Hope you {Read More}