15 Delicious Vrat Recipes

navratri recipe - sabudana vada

1. Sabudana Khichdi Check required ingredients and method to prepare sabudana khichdi here. 2. Makhanne Ki Kheer Check required ingredients and method to prepare makhane ki kheer here. 3. Kuttu Aloo Ke Stuffed Pakore   Check required ingredients and method to prepare kuttu aloo ke stuffed pakore here. 4. Singhade Ka Halwa Check required ingredients and method to prepare singhade ka halwa here. 5. Aloo Ka Halwa Check required ingredients and method to prepare aloo ka halwa here. 6. Sabudana(Sago) {Read More}

5 Recipes For Janmashatmi Prasad


1. Dhania Panjiri Check required ingredients and method to prepare dhaniya panjiri here. 2. Gond Panjiri Check required ingredients and method to prepare gond panjiri here. 3. Nariyal Chikki Check required ingredients and method to prepare nariyal chikki here. 4. Mixed Nut Chikki Check required ingredients and method to prepare mixed nut chikki here. 5. Dhaniya Burfi Check required ingredients and method to prepare dhaniya burfi here.

Gond Panjiri Recipe – Janamasthmi Special

gond panjiri recipe

Ingredients 50 gm. Gond  or edible gum resin 1 cup ghee for deep frying gond 100 gram makhana 50 gm melon seeds 25 gm chironji 25 gm chopped almonds 1 cup grated coconut 2 cups sugar 1/2 tsp green cardamom 1 1/2 cups water How to make Gond Panjiri Heat ghee in a kadai and deep fry the gum resin on medium heat. Lift them out of the ghee quickly as it fluffs up very quickly and becomes double the {Read More}

Nariyal Chikki Recipe – Janamashtmi Special

nariyal chikki recipe

Ingredients 2 cups Shredded Coconut without coconut brown skin 1 cup Sugar 1-1/2 cup Water 1 tbsp Ghee 1 tbsp chopped cashew nuts 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder How To Make Nariyal Chikki Heat a pan, add  the shredded coconut and roast gently over low heat. When the  moisture is somewhat lessened, remove it from heat. Roast the chopped cashew nuts. Boil the water in a separate vessel and  sugar and keep on stirring till the sugar water boils. Once the {Read More}

Mixed Nut Chikki Recipe – Janamashtmi Special

Mixed nut chikki recipe

Ingredients 1cup chopped mixed Nuts (Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew nuts, melon seeds equal quantity, peanuts and walnuts can also be used optionally) 1 1/4 cup white sesame seeds 3/4 cup sugar (can also use jaggery instead of sugar) 2 tbsp ghee How To make Mixed Nut Chikki Heat a pan and dry roast the sesame seeds on medium flame till they splutter and keep aside to cool. Now add a tbsp of ghee and roast all the mixed nuts for about {Read More}

Dhaniya Burfi Recipe – Janamashtmi Special

dhaniya burfi recipe

Ingredients 1 cup coconut powder 1 cup coriander powder or coriander seeds 1 tbsp cardamom powder 2 tsp chopped cashew nuts 1 tsp chironji or melon seeds 1 cup sugar How To Make Dhaniya Barfi Heat the pan and add 2 tsp ghee Once the ghee is melted add coriander powder Keep stiring for 2-3 mintues till it changes the color If we are taking coriander seeds,then roast the seeds in ghee. Let it cool down and then grind the {Read More}

Musical Umbrella – Group Party Game For Monsoon

monsoon based theme games

Things Required Umbrellas Some music to play Soft toy for playing passing the parcel How To Play Ask all your guests to bring their umbrella while coming to the party. Tell them to keep their umbrella outside the room. As the music starts, start playing the passing the parcel. As the music stops, the player who is holding that parcel will go out and pick one umbrella of his/her choice of course not their own. The player whose umbrella that {Read More}

Dhania Panjiri Prasad – Janamasthmi Special


Ingredients 1 cup Saboot Dhania 1/2 cup powdered sugar or as per taste ¼ cup Chopped mixed nuts ( almonds and cashew) ¼ cup phool makhanas 1/2 tsp cardamom powder ½ cup desi ghee or clarified butter ¼ cup grated coconut. How To Make Dry roast sabot dhania seeds for 5 minutes on medium heat. If you want you can powder the dania first and roast the powder in desi ghee Dry roast the nuts on medium heat. Cut the {Read More}

15 Games For Flower Theme Party

flower quiz party game

1. Musical Flowers Cut large flower shaped chart papers and place in a row on the floor in place of chair. Play the music with flower themed song. The game continues just as Musical Chair  2, Flower Rangoli competition Make rangoli with using different types of flowers and their petals in two minutes  3, Longest Garland Make the longest garland with the help of needle, thread and flowers in one minute. 4. Singing Or Writing Competition Singing competition i.e. songs {Read More}

5 TriColor Recipes That You Don’t Want To Miss


1. Tricolor Paneer Tikka Make TriColor Paneer Tikka with paneer, tomatoes and green capsicum. Check out how to prepare this dish here. 2. TriColor Macaroni Salad A quick and tasty recipe for the Independence Day. Make tricolor macaroni with green and red bell pepper. Check out how to prepare this dish here. 3. TriColor Rice Make Tricolor Pulao with 3 colors on Independence day. Add saffron and green color to milk and then add colored milk to rice when they {Read More}