Task Relay Game – Group Party Game

Group party game - task relay game

Things Required Tables as per the number of groups Task material as per the number of groups How To Play Divide the players into groups of 5. Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Keep one table at the finishing line with five tasks to be completed by the group. The task can be : Open and drink a can of pepsi, Hop on one leg, with a cup of water on your head, and sing a song, Peel {Read More}

Refresh Your Memory – One Minute Party Game


Things Required Paper and pen for every participant How To Play Give paper and pen to every participant. Tell them to write as many as different types of following items: Different types of clothes (nylon, silk, cotton etc.) Different types of car models (Honda city, Esteem, I10 etc), Different types of tea brands, (Tata, Tajmahal, Lipton etc.) Different types of mobile brands (Apple, Micromax, Nokia, Samsung) Names of different news channels Names of IPL teams   ….etc Time limit is one {Read More}

Seal The Envelopes – One Minute Party Game

One minute party game - seal the envelopes

Things Required Glue Stick Some blank white papers Brown envelopes How To Play Give a glue stick, some blank white papers and brown envelops with flaps. The players have to fold the papers as per the size of envelopes, put them into the envelopes and seal the envelope with glue stick properly. Time limit is one minute. Winner The players who is able to seal maximum envelopes wins.

Tie & Untie The Knot – One Minute Party Game


Things Required Nylon string/rope about 5 feet as per the no. of players How To Play Either the couples or the pairs can play this game. The game is that the players have to tie and untie the knots. Give a nylon string/rope say 5 feet long and ask  one of the players to tie as many knots as they can in 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, count them and note it down on a piece of paper. Now is {Read More}

Drinking Babies – Baby Shower Game

baby shower game - drinking babies

Things Required Feeding bottles as per number of participants Baby bibs How To Play Fill baby feeding bottles with preferably with milk or can be filled with  juice or any other beverage. Give one bottle and one bib  to everyone. As the time starts, everybody has to tie the bib and then  they have to  drink the beverage in the feeding bottle with the help of nipple as soon as possible. Winner The first person who finishes the drink quickly {Read More}

Cord The Pencil – Party Game

Group Party Game - Cord The Pencil

Things Required A long cord Two pencils How To Play Make a knot in the middle of the cord. Attach a pencil to each end of the cord. Divide all participants into two teams. Ask one participant from each team to hold pencil at each end. Now they have to roll the pencil along the cord and reach the middle knot as fast as possible. Whoever reaches the knot first will get 10 points. Game continues until all the players {Read More}

Place The Cap – Couple Party Game

Couple Party Game - place the cap

Things Required A long stick Thread Paper Cap How To Play Attach the paper cap to the long stick using thread. Now one partner of each couple will have to try to place the cap on his/her partner’s head as fast as possible. Time limit is one minute Winner Couple who places the cap fastest will be the winner.

Squat & Escape – Kids Party Game

Kids party game - squat & escape

Things Required Chalk Small chits How To Play Draw a big circle using chalk on floor and ask all the kids to move into that circle. Write name of all the kids on chits and pick one to select the leader. Now leader has to chase all other kids and try to catch them. When leader tries to approach any of the kid, he/she can squat and escape. If the leader is able to catch any of the kid, that {Read More}

Musical Quiz – Party Game


Things Required Music player Cd with different bollywood/tv serial song tunes taped Paper & Pen for all participants How to Play Give one paper and pen to each participant Play one tune at a time. Ask the player a relevant question on the basis of the tune. for ex. Recognize the song, Name of  the movie/tv serial Recognize the hero/ heroine Recognize the director/ song writer Ask different question for every tune. Give 10 seconds to write the answer Winner {Read More}

Tambola Number Hunt

Bingo Card

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Shashi Nigam. Thanks to her for sharing such innovative and fun tambola games with us. Things Required Sheet of paper with numbers 1-90 written on it Tambola Tickets How To Play Distribute 1 Tambola ticket and 1 sheet with numbers 1-90 written on it Fold and staple up both. Ask the participants to write their name on both to avoid confusion later on Ask them to unfold their papers together and circle {Read More}