Casino Theme Party Ideas

Casino Theme Party

To think of having a casino themed party itself shows excitement to your friends especially for those who loves gambling when you send them the invite. This is a great way to gamble and have fun with friends without losing much of money as of casino Invitations Send casino themed party invitations to your friends with a  feeling that their night will be one to remember. Also put some numbers on the invitations and make sure that your guests bring {Read More}

Casino Tokens – One Minute Party Game


Things Required Black and red tokens as you get in casinos (you may use black & red buttons as well) One pack of cards How To Play Give a bowl full of red and black tokens and one pack of cards to the player. The player has to shuffle the cards and open one  card  and according to the no. of card he has to keep the tokens on the card  for  eg. Jack he has put 11 tokens and {Read More}

What’s The Number – Group Party Game


Things Required Three bowls Two dices How To Play Keep three bowls on the table. Decide any number for example 6. Bowl one will represent above 6 second will represent below 6 and third will represent 6 . Every player has to bid on the number and put a particular decided amount in the bowl. Take two dices and roll them. If the number comes above 6 then then the players who  bid for above 6 wins and gets double {Read More}

Arrange Your Cards – Playing Card Game


Things Required 3-4 pack of cards as per no. of players (13 cards each player) How To Play Take 3-4 pack of cards or  as per the no. of players. Shuffle the cards and give 13 cards to each player. Take a bowl  and keep it on the table in the center. Every player has to put some amount as fixed by the host in that bowl. Fix some winning amount on the following maximum  red cards, maximum black cards,  {Read More}

Bid On The Cards – Group Party Game

Search Your Pair - Playing Card Party Game

Things Required A pack of cards A bowl How To Play Take a bowl  and keep it on the table in the center. Every player has to put some amount as fixed by the host in that bowl. The host will show two cards for ex. Ace  and five. The game is that players have to bid some amount that the next card will be either  between these two cards or above. The host will shuffle the cards and throw {Read More}

All Good Scents – Evoke Perfume For Women Review


“Awesome” is the word that came out of my mouth when I opened the package received from All Good Scents. The gift box was impressive and that made me even more curious about the product inside. Well it was “Evoke – Women’s Perfume By All Good Scents“. All Good Scents – Creating quality & international standard perfumes at pocket friendly prices, is the first contemporary perfume house that has brought the most celebrated fragrances from around the world. At Ladies {Read More}

Confusing Race – Group Party Game


Things Required Some music to play How To Play Let all the players stand in a line in the middle of the party hall As the music stops, the host will announce the names either of the fruits or of vegetables. The game is when the host will say any fruit name everybody has to run towards left side of the hall and when he says the name of any vegetable everybody has to run towards the right side of {Read More}

Do You Know Casino – Party Game


Things Required Write down 20 questions related to casino games on a paper and get the same photocopied as per the no. of players What are the kissing kings? What is the difference between an American roulette wheel and a European roulette wheel? Which casino game offers you the best statistical chance of winning? In ‘Dice’, what do you call the person sitting in the middle of the table? In ‘Let It Ride’, what is the least you need to {Read More}

Bonfire Party Theme


Bonfire parties are great ways to get family and friends together especially on full moon night.   To have bonfire parties the venue can be either the backyard of your house or most preferable location is beach side. These types of parties have lot of fun for people of all ages but they can also be dangerous so keep your guest’s safety on top priority. Also after the party is over, always make sure that you extinguish the fire completely. A {Read More}

Guess The Candy Flavor – Party Game


Things Required Some music to play A bag full of candies of different flavors How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle The game is that the player has to take one candy from the bag and guess the flavor. If he guesses correct he can continue with the game and if he is incorrect he is OUT of the game Next player will take out the candy and guess the flavor and so on. Winner The {Read More}