Do You Know Casino – Party Game


Things Required Write down 20 questions related to casino games on a paper and get the same photocopied as per the no. of players What are the kissing kings? What is the difference between an American roulette wheel and a European roulette wheel? Which casino game offers you the best statistical chance of winning? In ‘Dice’, what do you call the person sitting in the middle of the table? In ‘Let It Ride’, what is the least you need to {Read More}

Bonfire Party Theme


Bonfire parties are great ways to get family and friends together especially on full moon night.   To have bonfire parties the venue can be either the backyard of your house or most preferable location is beach side. These types of parties have lot of fun for people of all ages but they can also be dangerous so keep your guest’s safety on top priority. Also after the party is over, always make sure that you extinguish the fire completely. A {Read More}

Guess The Candy Flavor – Party Game


Things Required Some music to play A bag full of candies of different flavors How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle The game is that the player has to take one candy from the bag and guess the flavor. If he guesses correct he can continue with the game and if he is incorrect he is OUT of the game Next player will take out the candy and guess the flavor and so on. Winner The {Read More}

Broadcast The Message – Group Party Game


Things Required Some music to play How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. One player can think of a message or phrase which he has to whisper to the next player. That player has to pass that phrase to the next player. The message continues to be whispered till it reaches the last player who will call in turn will announce the message he has received. The fun part of this game is  that the final {Read More}

Toss The Ice Cubes – Party Game

pick the ice - one minute party game

Things Required Ice Bucket full of ice cubes How To Play Mark two lines with a gap of approximately two feet. Either couples or a pair stand opposite on two lines with paper cups. One of the players will toss the ice cube and the second has to catch that ice cube in the cup With every successful catch both the players will take a step back and toss the ice cube again The moment they miss the cube that {Read More}

Lion In The Cage – Group Party Game

group party game

Things Required Some music to play How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle around the bonefire. The game is you have to put lions in the cage by saying “One lion with two eyes and four legs roar in the cage”. First player can start the game by saying ‘One lion’, second player will say ‘with two eyes’ third player will say ‘four legs’  fourth player will say ‘roar’ fifth player will say ‘in the cage’ {Read More}

Insect Bites – Group Party Game

group party game

Things Required Sheets of red dot stickers as per the number of players How To Play Give each player a sheet of red dot stickers which when placed on the clothes  looks like mosquito bites. The game is that players have to bite each other  by secretly placing  the stickers on the clothing of other players. In case they are caught they have to place that stickers on their clothing. Winner The players who has either finished the sheet of {Read More}

MSM Box – Unique Gift Idea For Your Kitty


MSM Box – ‘a lot in a little’ has emerged as an innovative gifting option for various occasions such as Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthdays & not to forget Kitty Parties in a short span of time. We got a chance to interact with them and here is what we got to know…!! began in 2012 as a beauty & fashion blog, with the aim of providing quality content to its readers, and of keeping them updated with the latest {Read More}

10 One Minute Paper Party Games


1. Pair The Words A one minute quiz in which players has to pair the words such as Calm & Cool. Check out pair the words… 2. One Word Two Meanings An interesting one minute party game in which players have to answer maximum questions in one minute. Check out one word two meanings… 3. Fill Bollywood Number One minute party games in which players have to fill the numbers to complete bollywood movie names. Check out fill bollywood number… {Read More}

10 One Minute Couple Games


1. Cinderella’s Slipper One minute couple party game in which male partner has to find female partner’s shoe pair and bring it back. Check out Cinderella’s slipper… 2. Candies & Mirror One minute party game in which couple has to put maximum candies in the bowl on their head using a paper cup and mirror. Check out candies & mirror… 3. Plastic Balls and Bucket One minute couple game in which couple has to collect maximum balls in the bucket. {Read More}