Holi Snacks – Party Game


Things Required  A list of  jumbled words related to holi  as follows Aidnhta, Ganhb erokap, anrup liap, pualma, amaw  ayijug , pakamanre, yaithag, lalgu sanbe dipap, jikan dava, rapashaark kapirich Pen/pencil How To Play Give this sheet to everyone They have to write the correct words Time limit is one minute Winner The player who write the maximum correct answers Answers : Thandai, bhang pakore, puran pali, malpua, mawa gujiya, namakpare, gathiya, gulal,  besan papri, kanji vada  shakarpara,pichkari

Holi Aayi Re – Party Game

Things Required Holi songs written on a chart paper Some inflated balloons How To Play Write some holi songs on a chart paper. Hide them with inflated balloons. Divide the players into teams of 4-5. The game is that any one member from the  team  will prick one of the balloons of one song. They have to guess the song and then sing. The clue will not be passed on to the next team. Time limit is 30 seconds. If {Read More}

Play With Hinglish Words – Party Game


Things Required A sheet containing some English alphabets and Hindi words as below for ex.S +  खरगोश – Share B + सब G + बरसात C + ताला P + देर P + गधा F +हवा S + हल्का P+ गली H + पवन C + ऊपर T+ लायक B +उल्लू B + हरएक C +  दाम A +   रास्ता How To Play Give one sheet to every player The game is that they have to make Hinglish words {Read More}

Pass The Tambola Ticket – An Innovative Tambola Game

Bingo Card

Things Required Tambola tickets Tambola board and tokens. How to Play Give one tambola ticket to every one. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. The twist of the game is that after every five numbers the players have to pass on their ticket to the next player. There will {Read More}

Playing Cards With Dice – Party Game


Things Required 10 playing cards of any color from A-10 A bowl filled with one rupee coins One dice How To Play Place the cards on the table. The game is that the player has to put as many one rupee coins on the card as the number written on the card. For example, card number is 2, player has to put 2 coins on it. Now the twist is that she can put only those number of coins as {Read More}

Your Name On My Heart – Valentine Party Game


Things Required White sheets and carbon paper How To Play Draw a heart on a paper and then staple a carbon paper and a white sheet on top of it  from all the sides so that no body can see the where the heart is drawn. Tell everybody to write their beloved name where they think the heart is drawn. After they have written, tell everybody to remove the white sheet and carbon paper. The person who has the written {Read More}

Ek Duje Ke Liye – Valentine Party Game

Curious Husband - Couple Party Game

Things Required A list of tasks to be given to the couples. The task can be – tie three knots in a hanky, light a candle, put toothpaste on the brush, peel the banana and feed  each other with banana, put lipstick on wife’s lips, comb husband’s hair,kiss each others forehead etc. Things as per the task list. How To Play Tie the left hand with their partner’s right hand. Give a list of tasks to be completed. Time limit {Read More}

15 Valentine’s Day Games That You Can’t Miss


1. Cinderella’s Slipper One minute couple party game in which male partner has to find female partner’s shoe pair and bring it back. Check out cinderlla’s slipper – a couple party game… 2. Dear I Love You A great romantic couple game that demonstrates synchronization and co-ordination between partners. Check out dear i love you… 3. Blindfolded Love A fun party game which is perfect for valentines day party. Each couple is blindfolded and they have to find their partner {Read More}

A-Z Of Winters – Party Game

kitty party game

Things Required Pen and paper for all the participants How To Play Give pen and paper to all the participants They have to write A-Z of winters. The words used should be related to winters. It can be the name of winter months, name of winter fruits and vegetables, names of festivals, name of winter clothes, name of sweets, name of common disease etc. The participant can write the name either in English or in Hindi. Time limit is two {Read More}

Guess The Spouse – Group Party Game

Guess The Spouse - Group Party Game

Things Required Small chits with the name of famous celebrities from different fields like politics, cinema, sports etc. How To Play Divide the players into groups of five. The game is that any one of that group will pick one chit. The game is that they have to  answer the name of spouse  for ex. Sonia Gandhi and the answer should be Rajiv Gandhi or vice versa, M S Dhoni the answer should be Sakshi Singh  etc.. For every correct {Read More}