Don’t Say It – Group Party Game

Things Required Chocolate Bars – 4 each as per the no. of players How To Play Give four bars of chocolate to every guest as they arrive. Tell all your guests not to say ‘a particular word’ during the party. The host should choose a word that is likely to come up in conversation often. That word can be either commonly used in our day today life or as per the theme of the party for eg. in kitty party {Read More}

11 Games For Baby Shower Theme Party

Click on images to see things required and how to play each of these games. 1. Baby On Mommy’s Tummy An interesting game idea for baby shower party in which participants have to pin the baby’s picture closest to mommy’s tummy. 2. Baby Bag A memory game for baby shower party in which participants have to memorize maximum baby related items and write down in one minute. 3. Baby Names A fun minute party game for baby shower party in {Read More}

Drinking Babies – Baby Shower Game

Things Required Feeding bottles as per number of participants Baby bibs How To Play Fill baby feeding bottles with preferably with milk or can be filled with  juice or any other beverage. Give one bottle and one bib  to everyone. As the time starts, everybody has to tie the bib and then  they have to  drink the beverage in the feeding bottle with the help of nipple as soon as possible. Winner The first person who finishes the drink quickly {Read More}

Baby Gears – Baby Shower Game

Things Required Lots of baby related things such as nipple, hat, bib, booties, feeding bottle, toy, baby cream, powder etc. A big bag to carry all the above things Music to play How To Play Let all the guests sit in a circle. Now guests have to pass on the bag carrying all the baby related things in the circle. As the music stops, the person who is now carrying the bag has to take out one item from it {Read More}

Baby Is Born – Baby Shower Game

Things Required Lots of small plastic toy babies How To Play Buy small plastic toy  babies and put them in small containers filled with water and freeze them before the party day. They will turn into ice cubes. Give one ice cube to everyone. They have to try to get that cube melt as quickly as they can. They can rub the cube between their hands, their clothes, put it in their mouth etc. Once the cube is melted and {Read More}

Guess The Celebrity Baby – Party Game

Things Required Pictures of celebrities of their childhood as well as current time(can be collected from magazines or internet) Pens and Paper 2 Chart Papers How To Play Paste the childhood pictures on one big chart paper and their latest pictures on the other chart paper and display them. Assign a number to each photo. Give pen and paper to all the guests. Give them 5 minutes to match the celebrity childhood photo with their current photo and write then {Read More}

Mom To Be Vs Dad To Be – Baby Shower Game

Things Required A list of questions  for mom and dad to be like How and when did you first hear that mom to be was expecting? What was her favorite food during your pregnancy? When is the due date? Do you want a boy or a girl?  Baby intended  name by both of them for a boy and a girl? How many nappies do you think a baby needs each day? How many hours does a baby sleep each day? {Read More}

An Innovative Way To Declare Your Pregnancy

So finally the day came and we got to know that we are expecting a new member in our small family. I & my husband were very much eager to disclose this to rest of the family members. But we didn’t want to do it in traditional manner of just telling them that we are on family way. We gave it a little thought and came up with this wonderful idea of creating medals for each one of the family {Read More}

Baby Feeding The Baby – Baby Shower Game

Things Required Baby food Spoon A large bib for every one How To Play Divide the guests into pairs. Let them  sit facing each other. Blindfold both of them with some soft cotton cloth. Give both of them a bowl of baby food, a large bib and a spoon They are supposed to feed each other. Keep a towel on their lap to protect their clothes  in case the baby food falls. Time limit is one minute. Winner : The {Read More}

Girl Name Or Boy Name – Party Game

How To Play Let all the  guests/participants  sit in a circle . The host can start the game standing in the middle of the circle The game is very simple. Everybody has to say a girl’s or a  boy’s name. The first person will start with letter A i.e  boys name for eg. Amit and the second person with letter B i.e girls name for eg. Bindu and third person with letter C boys name Chetan and so on. Some {Read More}