Casino Tokens – One Minute Party Game


Things Required Black and red tokens as you get in casinos (you may use black & red buttons as well) One pack of cards How To Play Give a bowl full of red and black tokens and one pack of cards to the player. The player has to shuffle the cards and open one  card  and according to the no. of card he has to keep the tokens on the card  for  eg. Jack he has put 11 tokens and {Read More}

Arrange Your Cards – Playing Card Game


Things Required 3-4 pack of cards as per no. of players (13 cards each player) How To Play Take 3-4 pack of cards or  as per the no. of players. Shuffle the cards and give 13 cards to each player. Take a bowl  and keep it on the table in the center. Every player has to put some amount as fixed by the host in that bowl. Fix some winning amount on the following maximum  red cards, maximum black cards,  {Read More}

10 One Minute Paper Party Games


1. Pair The Words A one minute quiz in which players has to pair the words such as Calm & Cool. Check out pair the words… 2. One Word Two Meanings An interesting one minute party game in which players have to answer maximum questions in one minute. Check out one word two meanings… 3. Fill Bollywood Number One minute party games in which players have to fill the numbers to complete bollywood movie names. Check out fill bollywood number… {Read More}

10 One Minute Couple Games


1. Cinderella’s Slipper One minute couple party game in which male partner has to find female partner’s shoe pair and bring it back. Check out Cinderella’s slipper… 2. Candies & Mirror One minute party game in which couple has to put maximum candies in the bowl on their head using a paper cup and mirror. Check out candies & mirror… 3. Plastic Balls and Bucket One minute couple game in which couple has to collect maximum balls in the bucket. {Read More}

10 One Minute Games For Kids Birthday Party

one minute games for kids

1. Unwrap The Candies One minute party game in which players have to unwrap maximum candies using gloved hands. Check out unwrap the candies… 2. Color OR Word One minute party game that will confuse the participant whether to say the word or the color in which the word is written. Fun game that can be played on any occasion. Check out color or word… 3. Black & White Coins One minute party game in which participants have to place {Read More}

5 One Minute Group Party Games

one minute games for group

1. Switch Your Shoe One minute group party game in which players in a group have to switch their shoes. Check out switch your shoe…. 2. Lock Your Arms A one minute team building game in which team leaders  have to start approaching other participants and lock their arms to create longest chain. Check out lock your arms… 3. Fly Your Airplane A one minute group game in which each team has to make maximum airplanes in one minute and {Read More}

Grapes Tripod – One Minute Party Game

one minute party game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Anu Jain. Thanks to Anu for sharing such a wonderful game with us. Things Required Grapes/strawberry/rasberry A pack of toothpicks How To Play Keep grapes (black or green) in a bowl and some toothpicks. The game is that you have to prick 3 toothpicks in one  grape in a triangle shape so that it looks like a tripod. The player has to prick the tooth picks in such a way that the {Read More}

Play With Hinglish Words – Party Game


Things Required A sheet containing some English alphabets and Hindi words as below for ex.S +  खरगोश – Share B + सब G + बरसात C + ताला P + देर P + गधा F +हवा S + हल्का P+ गली H + पवन C + ऊपर T+ लायक B +उल्लू B + हरएक C +  दाम A +   रास्ता How To Play Give one sheet to every player The game is that they have to make Hinglish words {Read More}

Playing Cards With Dice – Party Game


Things Required 10 playing cards of any color from A-10 A bowl filled with one rupee coins One dice How To Play Place the cards on the table. The game is that the player has to put as many one rupee coins on the card as the number written on the card. For example, card number is 2, player has to put 2 coins on it. Now the twist is that she can put only those number of coins as {Read More}

Ek Duje Ke Liye – Valentine Party Game

Curious Husband - Couple Party Game

Things Required A list of tasks to be given to the couples. The task can be – tie three knots in a hanky, light a candle, put toothpaste on the brush, peel the banana and feed  each other with banana, put lipstick on wife’s lips, comb husband’s hair,kiss each others forehead etc. Things as per the task list. How To Play Tie the left hand with their partner’s right hand. Give a list of tasks to be completed. Time limit {Read More}