Match Lock & Key – Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required Four boxes with locks and keys A bucket filled with ice cubes How To Play Keep four boxes with locks on a table. Put  all the four keys in the bucket filled with ice cubes. As the time starts, the players has to take one key from the bucket and open one of  the locks. Time limit is one minute. Winner The players who is able to open maximum locks in minimum time  is the winner.

Test Your Vocabulary – Party Game


Things Required Take print out of below questions as per the number of players Pen/pencil for the participants. 1) An animal/computer device 2) A side of a river/a place for money 3) A flying mammal/used for playing 4) A round playing object/a dance 5) A place where group of people meet/suits in pack of playing cards 6) A body part/measuring device 7) Something shining/something not heavy 8) A piece of paper money/something written in few words 9) An employee/walking stick {Read More}

Stick The Balls – Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required Piece of cardboard (10″x10″) Some sticky solution 15 tennis balls for each pair How To Play Divide the players into pairs. Place one piece of cardboard (10”x10”) on the table. Put some sticky solution on the cardboard. Give 15 tennis balls to  each pair. Mark a starting line 8 feet from the table. One player will stand at the starting line and the other on the other side of  the table. As the time starts, one player has {Read More}

Safety Pins & Rice – Party Game


Things Required A bowl filled with rice 25-30 small safety pins  How To Play Mix safety pins with rice in a bowl. Blindfold the player  and tell him/her to pull out as many safety pins as possible from the bowl and keep them in the plate without spilling the rice. Repeat this until every one  had a turn. Deduct the number of rice in the plate from the number of safety pins. Time limit is one minute. Winner The players {Read More}

Balance The Coins – Party Game

kitty party game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty Reader Jyoti Shukla. Things Required Six glass  tumblers 10-20 two rupees coins How To Play Ask each player to balance two rupee coins on the edges of glass tumblers one by one. Time limit is one minute. Winner Whoever balances maximum coins on the tumblers in one minute. Thanks Jyoti for sharing this fun game with us.

Pick The Toothpicks – Party Game


Things Required A small pot full of wooden toothpicks How To Play Put some wooden  toothpicks  in a small pot is such a way that all the toothpicks are popping out of the pot. The game is that one by one everybody has to pick up the toothpicks by pressing their  hands facing downwards on to the top of the toothpicks . The toothpicks will stick to your hand, pick them  up and place it on the table. The more {Read More}

Blow The Balloons – Couple Party Game


Things Required Lot of balloons scattered in the party hall How To Play A party is incomplete without balloons, whether it is a valentine party, couple party, holi or diwali party, so  scatter as many as balloons in the party hall. All the male partners will sit cross legged either on the chair or on the floor as per their wish. As the time starts, the female partner has to grab a balloon, sit on her partner’s lap and burst {Read More}

Balloon Electricity – Party Game

one minute party game

Things Required Plenty of balloons How To Play Divide the participants into groups and give them lot of balloons Mark a space on the wall for each group. As the time starts, each player has to grab a balloon and start rubbing for several seconds on their hair, clothes to generate static electricity and then stick them on the wall allocated to them. Time limit is one minute. Winner The team who is able to stick the maximum balloons on {Read More}

Heart Cards – Valentine’s Day Party Game

valentine's day party game

Things Required An old pack of playing cards How To Play Give an old pack of playing cards to a couple. As the time starts, they have to shuffle the cards three times. Then take out all the 13 heart cards and put them in proper sequence ie.  From  A-K Time limit is one minute. Winner The couple who is able to do it at the earliest wins!!

Dil Or Pyar – Valentine’s Day Party Game

valentines day party game

Things Required Paper and pen for each participant How To Play Give paper and pen to all the participants. Since it is a valentine party which is related to Dil, pyar etc. Tell them to write as many as songs starting with ‘DIL’ or ‘PYAR’  for eg. Pyar deewana hota hain mastana hota hain, Pyar toh hona hi tha. DIl to hai dil ,dil ka eitbaar kya kijiye , Dil wil pyar wayar mai kya janoo re  and so on. {Read More}