Fun Activities For Independence Day

republic day game

  Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15th August with great pomp and show. Flag hoisting ceremonies and many cultural programs are organized which children love to watch them and participate in them. Colorful kites fill the sky in the evening, to symbolize freedom, some of kites are in the color of the National Flag. You will also find balloons of saffron, white and green colors in the sky. Following are some of the fun activities which we can {Read More}

Chocolate Handi Competition – Janamasthmi Party Game


Things Required Two 10 feet high poles A rope decorated with flowers 4-5  Handi (Clay Pots)filled either chocolates or some gifts instead of buttermilk. 5 ft. long wooden stick How To Play Fix the two poles say 15 feet apart. Tie a rope decorated with flowers between the two poles. Hang a decorated clay pot in the center of the rope filled with some chocolates or gifts. Mark a starting point say 10 feet from the poles. Blindfold the player {Read More}

Say No To ‘Yes Or No’ – Party Game

yes or no

 Things Requried A list of common questions How To Play Make a list of common questions for ex. Do you play cricket?  Do you like watching old movies? etc. Choose one person who will ask the questions. Time limit is one minute. The twist of the game is that the player has to answer  the questions  without saying ‘Yes or No’ As the time starts he will start asking the question to any one of the players. The player has {Read More}

National Crossword – One Minute Game


Things Required Take printout of above image as per the number of participants. Pen/pencil for every participant How To Play Give one print out to each participant. They have to find maximum words related to India in crossword. Time limit is one minute. Correct words are as below:  

Colorful Bangles – One Minute Game

one minute game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Vanshika Nanda. Thanks to her for sharing such a fun game with us. Things Required Different color bangles (Minimum 15 bangles of 5 colors each) One Dice Bowl How To Play Keep all the bangles in a bowl. Now one of the player will roll the dice and if dice shows 1, player has two wear one color bangle in thumb and if it shows 2 then player has to wear two {Read More}

I Love My India – Party Game

i love

Things Required Write below some questions on a paper related to National things of India  and get it photocopied as per the number of players. Pen/pencil for every participant National Flag National currency National flag colors National tree National fruit National bird National animal National sport National anthem National river National days National flower National song National emblem National Calender How To Play  Give one question paper and pen to each participant Time limit is one minute. Correct Answers are {Read More}

5 One Minute Games for Teej – You Don’t Want To Miss


Teej  the festival of Swings is celebrated for the union of  Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.  This festival involves singing and dancing and it comes onset of monsoon in July-August every year.  Teej mela and fair are organized at different places. The swings are decorated with flowers.  Ladies  pamper themselves by wearing new bangles, new saree, putting mehandi and different types of jewelery. Below are five one minute games for the Teej Party. Bangle competition Mix lot of green color {Read More}

Identify My Childhood – Childhood Party Game


Things Required Childhood photograph of the guests A board How To Play While organizing a childhood party request your guests to bring a childhood photo. Let the organizer collect the photos and put it on a board with a number. Give one sheet to everybody to identify the childhood picture and write the name against each no. Time limit is one minute Winner The player who writes the maximum correct answers wins!!

Abbreviations Funda – Party Game


Things Required Take a print out of the following  list of words as per the no. of players. NEWSPAPER CHESS COLD JOKE  DATE NASA TEA WWF COMPUTER ATM FMCG LOL NGO MMS PSU How To Play Give one printout and pen to the players We use these words many times but their full form or meaning many of us don’t know Let them write the full forms Time limit is two minutes The answers are 1.North East West South Past {Read More}

Balloon Hunt – Group Party Game


Things Required Different colored balloons (15 each color) One big white balloon filled with candies How To Play Blow balloons of different color (15 each color) and hide them in the party area One big white balloon filled with candies Divide the players into teams of 5-6 Assign one color to each team As the time starts, each team will collect the balloons of that particular color which has been assigned to them and the white balloon also The teams {Read More}