Rain Rain Go Away – One Minute Paper Game

rain rain

Things Required

  • Pen/pencil
  • Photocopies of sheet with below rain game

Rain rain go away come back another day ! Not going away No Problem, just fill in the blanks with one or two letters each and drive the rain way!

  1. _____rain I am something edible,
  2. _____rain I take you places,
  3. _____rain I am dirty but essential,
  4. _____rain I am force of influence that puts pressure,
  5. _____rain I am inside the head
  6. _____rain I cause an injury to a joint

How To Play

  • Give one pen and photocopied sheet of rain game to each player.
  • Each player have to write the answers.
  • Time limit is one minute
  • Correct answers are: 1)Grain 2)Train 3)Drain 4)Strain 5)Brain 6)Sprain

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