25 Best One Minute Kitty Party Games


We have a collection of 250+ kitty party games and we bring you 25 one minute party games that are most popular and most liked by our readers for their kitty parties. All these games can be played with things that can be easily arranged at home.

1. Rice and Buttons

An interesting one minute party game to be played with rice and buttons in which players have to pick the buttons from rice bowl. This game can be played with adults and kids on any event. Check out rice & buttons kitty party game

2. Floating Brinjals

One minute party game in which players have to pick the brinjals floating in a water bowl with toothpick. An interesting game that can be played with kids or adults. Check out floating brinjals kitty party game

3. Placing Coins on Pencil

One minute party game in which players have to balance maximum coins on the flat surface of a pencil. Check out placing coins on pencil kitty party game

4. Playing With Locks & Keys

One minute party game with locks and keys. Check out playing with locks & keys kitty party game

5. Tricolor Plastic Balls

One minute tricky party game to be played with plastic balls of 3 different colors. Check out tricolor plastic balls kitty party game…

6. Straw & Thermocol Balls

One minute party game in which players have to suck the thermocol balls using a straw and transfer it to another container. Check out straw & thermocol balls kitty party game

7. Save The Royal Family

One minute party game in which players have to blow off all the cards and save only king, queen and jack. Check out save the royal family kitty party game

8. Pull & Pluck

One minute party game to be played with cloth pins. Check out pull & pluck kitty party game

9. Fun With Bangles & Candle Wax Drop

One minute party game to put bangles on candle wax. Check out bangles & candles wax drop kitty party game

10. Matchstick Equations

One minute party game to make equations with matchsticks. Check out matchstick equations kitty party game

11. Color Or Word

One minute party game that will confuse the participant whether to say the word or the color in which the word is written. Check out color or word kitty party game

12. Sieve & Pins

One minute party game to put maximum pins in bangle through the sieve. Check out sieve and pins kitty party game

13. Tie The Knot

One minute party game to tie maximum knots on rope. Check out tie the knot kitty party game

14. Blow The Ball

One minute party game in which participants have to blow the ball using a straw. Check out blow the ball kitty party game

15. Money Money

A fun party game in which each participant has to make a perfect 10 with coins of different denomination. Check out money money kitty party game...

16. Blow Off The Candle

One minute party game in which each player is blind folded and he/she needs to blow off the candle. Check out blow off the candle kitty party game...

17. Let’s Draw On Balloon

One minute party game in which each participant needs to draw maximum figures on balloon with a ball point pen. Check out let’s draw on balloon kitty party game

18. Pick The Bangles

A one minute party game for kitty parties where each player is given one minute to pick maximum bangles of same colors with knitting needles. Check out pick the bangles kitty party game

19. Roman Numbers

A fun one minute party game where players have to create roman numbers with matchsticks in one minute. Check out roman numbers kitty party game...

20. Pin The Rubber Band

A one minute party game in which players have to make longest chain of safety pins and rubber bands. Check out pin the rubber band kitty party game

21. Pencil The Bangle

A one minute party game in which each player has to put as many bangles as possible in a pencil to win. Check out pencil the bangle kitty party game

22. Drop The Playing Cards

A one minute party game in which players have to throw maximum playing cards in the bowl over chair in one minute. Check out drop the playing cards kitty party game

23. Pick The Buttons

A one minute party game in which players have to pick buttons using a safety pin. Check out pick the buttons kitty party game

24. Ulta Ka Fulta With Alphabets

One minute party game to write alphabets and words starting with these alphabets in reverse order. Check out ulta ka fulta with alphabets kitty party game

25. Safety Pins & Rice

A one minute party game in which blindfolded participants have to pick maximum safety pins and minimum rice. Check out safety pins & rice kitty party game

Hope you will like all the games – let us know which one you liked the most 🙂


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