8 Outdoor Games for Corporate Holi Events


1. Balloon Messages

A holi party game in which participants have to do what is written on the chit inside the inflated balloon. Balloon Messages

2. Taste The Holi Drink

A holi party game where each participant has to taste the drink and guess them as fast as possible in the right order.Check out more about Taste The Holi Drink

3. Prick The Floating Balloons

One minute party game to burst maximum balloons with the help of toothpick. Twist is that air filled balloons are floating on water.Check out more about Prick The Floating Balloons

4. Catch & Pass The Balloon

A group party game where each player gets to participate and collect maximum balloons.Check out more about Catch & Pass The Balloon

5. Obstacle Holi Race

A fun game that will make everyone laugh when participants try to cross the hurdles in minimum time. Check out more about  Obstacle Holi Race

6.Fill & Empty The Balloons

A fun party game in which each player has to fill maximum balloons with the help of water gun and empty those balloons in paper cups in minimum time.Check out more about Fill & Empty The Balloons

7. Balloons Over & Under

A team game in which each individual gets to participate and get wet.Check out more about Balloons Over & Under

8.Stomping The Balloons

A fun party game that will keep all your guest entertained while they are busy stomping each other balloons.Check out more about Stomping The Balloons

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