Color & Beads – One Minute Party Game


Things Required One large bowl filled with any rangoli/holi color Same color beads as of the color One small sieve (which is used to filter tea) one plate one pair of gloves one apron How To Play Mix the color and  beads in a bowl The player can wear apron and gloves to save their hands and clothes The game is that they have to separate the beads from the color with the help of sieve in the bowl itself. {Read More}

Pick The Stones – One Minute Party Game

One minute party game - pick the stones

Things Required One deep tub filled with water, ice cubes and rose petals. Different color of stones – 10-15 of each color. How to Play Fill the tub with water,ice cubes, rose petals and stones. The game is that the player has to choose any  one color. Then  the player has  to take out that particular color stones from the pot. Time limit is one minute. Winner Player who takes out the  maximum stones in the shortest possible time wins.

Pop The Balloon – Couple Party Game

Couple Party Game - Pop The Balloon

Things required Balloons as per number of couples participating How to Play Give one balloon to all the couples. All couples have to keep the balloon between their forehead. As the music starts, they have to dance holding the balloon. While dancing, they cannot touch the balloon. In case the balloon drops or balloon bursts that couple is OUT of the game. As the music stops, they have to pop the balloon by pressing the balloon with their forehead. Time {Read More}

Kangaroo Relay Race – Holi Party Game


Things Required Water filled Balloons as per the number of participants How To Play Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Give one water filled balloon to every player. As the time starts, players have to keep the balloons between their knees, and run towards the finishing line like kangaroo.  On reaching the finishing line, the player has to pop the water filled balloon with their hands and  say ‘Happy Holi’ In case the balloon falls in between, the {Read More}

Balloon Messages – Party Game


Things Required Blow  the balloons with some action messages inside for eg. bark like a dog, pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, name 10 flavors of ice cream, stand on leg for one minute, show your best dance move, mimic like any bollywood actor/actress etc. Make sure balloons are inflated with right amount of air in the balloon. How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. As the game starts, a balloon {Read More}

Family Holi – Holi Party Game


Things Required Plastic jugs and cups Buckets filled with water How To Play Mark a starting and finishing line say  12 feet apart. Let the parents sit on the floor at the finishing line. Give one plastic jug to them which they have to keep it on their head. All the children  will stand at the starting line with a plastic cup and a bucket of water. As the time starts, the children have to fill their cup with water {Read More}

Colors Tambola Game

colors tambola ticket

Things Required Tambola boards & tokens A list of colors with their allotted numbers. For example say White – 0, Red – 1, Orange -2, Yellow -3, Green -4, Blue – 5, Black – 6, Violet -7, Grey -8, Pink-9. Printout of below image as per the number of players and write numbers. (Optionally you can use regular tambola tickets). How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and have speak the numbers like For No. 2, {Read More}

25 Games For Holi Party


1. Knitting The Balloons A one minute party game to pick the water filled balloons with knittng needles and put them in a second container without bursting them. A fun game that can be played in holi based kitty parties. 2. Find The Coin A cool fun party game that takes you back to your childhood. Find the coin in colored water in minimum time and win a prize…!! 3. Wet Sponge Relay Race One minute party game to wet {Read More}

Pass The Leaking Balloon – Party Game

party game

Things Required Balloons filled with water. How To Play Let all the players stand in a circle Give one water filled balloon by making a small hole with the help of a pin,  to  any one player As the time starts, players have to toss the leaking  balloon to each other Player who winds up catching the balloon when it is completely empty is considered to be ‘out’ Continue the same process till the last player remains. Winner The player {Read More}

Balloon Battle – Group Party Game


Things Required Water filled balloons Two plastic bags How To Play Divide the players into two teams at least 20-25 people per team. Give each team a tub full of water balloons As the time starts, players try to hit the member of the other team with water balloons for one minute. If a player is hit with a water balloon, he/she is considered out. Time limit is one minute. Winner The team which has got maximum players not out {Read More}