15 Games For Christmas Theme Party

christmas party game

1.Christmas Card Partners

Take old Christmas cards and cut them in half.  Mix all the halves in a basket and keep them in the centre of the party hall. After all the guests arrived, ask each one to take one card from the basket and find your partner who is holding the other half card.  The first three pairs of guests who brings their completed cards are the winners.

2.Pair Gift wrap

Divide the guests into pairs. Tie the right hand of the left person and left hand of the right person. Each pair will  be given a box, wrapping paper, scissor, tape and ribbon.  The pair with only one hand each  has to wrap the box using all the things.  The pair who is able to wrap neatly at the earliest wins.

3.Christmas Memory Game

Keep 15-20 items related to Christmas for eg. cake, cookies, ribbons, small balls, bells, small wine bottles, x’mas tree, a snowman, santa hat, gloves etc.  and keep it on the table for 30 sec.  Pass paper and pen to all the players. Now the players have to write as many things they remember in one minute.

4.Blindfold Christmas Drawing

Give paper plates and pen to every player. Blindfold all the players. Let any one person can give instructions for the drawing for eg. Draw a Christmas tree, draw a star at one corner and two bells, draw two gifts under the tree etc After everyone finishes drawing, they can have a look at their masterpieces. Gifts can be given for the most creative drawing, funny drawing, ugly drawing etc.

5.Balls In Santa’s Cap

Hang Santa’s cap upside down. Mark a line say 3 feet from the cap.  Players have to throw small ping pong balls in the cap in one minute.  The player who is able to put maximum balls in the cap wins.

6.Mystery Stocking

Take an oversized stocking and fill it with some Christmas objects like candy treats, balls, stars,  santa’s gloves, scarf, buntings, small stuffed santa’s etc.  and tie a ribbon around the top so that nobody can see inside. Pass on this mystery stocking to everyone to have a guess. The players can touch, feel, smell the contents in it.  Give all the players pen and paper and tell them to write their guesses in one minute. The player who has written maximum correct things wins.

7,Dress Up Like Santa

Divide the players into groups. Give one oversized dress of Santa including cap, gloves, belt, socks and shoes to each group.  The game is that everyone in the group has to dress up like Santa turn by turn. The first player will dress up using all the things given to them as Santa and then he will remove Santa’s dress as fast as he can so that the next player can start dressing up and so on till the last player dresses up.  The group who completes their task at the earliest wins.

8. Merry Christmas

Make 20 slips with ‘Merry Christmas’  written on it and 40 blank slips.  Fold them properly and put it in a bowl.  The players have to open as many slips and he can in one minute.  Count the slips with Merry Christmas and make a note of it.  Now fold the slips, mix them and put them in the bowl for the other player to play.  The player with maximum ‘Merry Christmas’ chits wins.

9.Christmas Bingo

A different and innovative bingo game specially designed for christmas. Guests will be surprised and have lots of fun to play this unique bingo game on christmas eve.Check more about  Christmas Bingo

10.Jingle The Bell

A fun party game for kids in which blind folded players have to catch the player who is ringing the bell.Check more about Jingle The Bell

11.Carol Partner

Christmas party game in which players have to find their carol partner.Check more about Carol Partner

12.Dancing Santa

A fun Christmas party game in which participants need to dance and dress like santa while dancing.Check more about Dancing Santa

13.Christmas Counting

A christmas party game in which players have to count stars, bells in the given image.Check more about Christmas Counting

14.Stars On Christmas

One minute game for christmas party in which blindfolded players have to stick maximum stars on the given picture.Check more about Stars On Christmas

15.Santa’s Treasure Hunt

A fun christmas party game in which players will have to guess which mountain has the hidden treasure. Check more about Santa’s Treasure Hunt

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