Pin The Nose On Rudolph – Christmas Party Game

Things Required A big poster of  Rudolph Small red circles of paper Double sided tape or glue. A cloth to blind fold the players How To Play Fix the large poster of Rudolph on the wall. Give each participant the red circles with double sided tape or glue. Blindfold the player revolve him/her 3 times and ask to pin the nose on Rudolph. Winner The person who will be able to pin the nose properly or the closest on the Rudolph wins.

4 Best Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is the best time to go creative and make some beautiful craft to decorate your house. We have found the 4 best craft ideas for Christmas that you can do by yourself at home. You will love the snowman, believe us 😉 Popsicle Christmas Tree This year lets’s save some money on buying a christmas tree. How about making one by yourself 😉 Things Required Popsicles Rubber Bands Scissor Glue Pencil Scale Check out this quick you tube video for the directions. {Read More}

Christmas Housie – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Jumble up the items shown in the picture (exchange their positions) to make multiple tickets. Make sure no two tickets have these items in the same order or in same combination. Print these tickets and distribute to the participants. How To Play Make chits for each of the Christmas items printed on the tickets. Draw chits one by one and announce the item Participants will strike off the announced items from their tickets Prizes can be kept for {Read More}

6 Games For Christmas Party

1.Sparkle Your Jingle Bell Draw jingle bells on the craft/chart paper and then cut them.  Give one bell and some decoration things like ribbon, color pencils, glitters, designer tapes etc. to decorate their bells.  Time limit is 2 minutes.  As the time is over, keep all the bells on the table and a jar of candies. The twist of the game is that everyone has to keep candies on the bells as their vote mark.  They can keep either 1,2,3 {Read More}

Selfie Stopper – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Santa Hats as per the number of players How To Play Give one Santa Hat to each guest/player as they arrive Once everyone has arrived, tell them that they have to wear the Santa Hat, take a selfie and send it to the host. Trick is that they have to take the selfie without anyone noticing them. If someone notices a player taking a selfie, that selfie will not be counted. Another rule is that they can’t take the {Read More}

My Santa Selfie – Christmas Party Game

When Christmas is around the corner, lets make all your guest Santa and click a selfie 😉 Things Required Santa Hat Santa Beard (you can make it at home with lots of cotton) A pair of glasses A bag that looks like Santa Bag Five dummy gifts A bell How To Play Keep all the things on a table. Ask each player to wear Santa hat, beard and glasses. Put all the 5 gifts in the bag and wear the bag {Read More}

Don’t Say It – Group Party Game

Things Required Chocolate Bars – 4 each as per the no. of players How To Play Give four bars of chocolate to every guest as they arrive. Tell all your guests not to say ‘a particular word’ during the party. The host should choose a word that is likely to come up in conversation often. That word can be either commonly used in our day today life or as per the theme of the party for eg. in kitty party {Read More}

Indoor Bowling – Group Party Game

Things Required Bowling set or water bottles filled with water as bowling pins Medium size rubber ball for hitting the bowling pins. How To Play Keep  kid’s bowling set or water bottles filled with water or coke as bowling pins at one side of the party hall. Mark a line say 8-10 feet apart. Take a medium sized rubber ball for hitting the bowling pins. Every player will be given three chances for bowling to play. Make a score board {Read More}

Musical Numbers – Party Game

Things Required Large squares with numbers written on it. Music to play How To Play Cut large squares (15” x 15”) from the  chart paper and write the nos. No. of squares should be equal to the no. of players. Place them on the floor of the party hall. Play the music and ask everyone to dance around the squares. As the music stops, they have to step on any one of the square. The host will announce any one no. {Read More}

Fun With Numbers – Party Game

Things Required Display cards as described below How To Play Divide the players into two or more teams according to the no. of players. Make two (or as per no. of teams) sets of display cards of 15”x15” size consisting 10 cards in each set and write one digit on one card ie. from 0 to 9. Give one set to each team. Call out some set of nos. randomly  say 240, 768, 9850, 1397 i.e comprising of digits from {Read More}