12 Games For Fashion Theme Party


1.Fashion crossword

Create a crossword with words hidden related to fashion for eg, stylish, elegant, modern, trendy, smart, sophisticated, glamorous, hot, classy, etc.

2.Fashion Trivia

Make a list of questions related to beauty and fashion for eg. Name the famous cosmetics  brands for eg. Loreal, Avon, Revlon etc, Name the famous fashion designers for eg. Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra etc,  name the famous brands of ethnic clothes for eg. Biba, Anahi etc.

3.Fashion Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Divide the players into teams and give them scissors, glue, a poster board and some fashion magazines to each team. They have to find maximum fashion brands from that magazine, cut them and paste them on the poster. The group who has pasted the maximum no. of fashion brands wins.

4. Guess The Title

Take print outs of images of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific of different era’s and post it on poster and number each one of them  As the guests arrive, give them the paper.  They have to guess their title and write against their names on that paper.  The one who writes the maximum correct answers wins.

5.Dice And Nail Polish

All the players should sit in a circle and any one can start the game. Give one dice and nail polish to the player. The game is that they have to roll the dice and as per the rolled no. they have to play. If the player gets any no from 1-4 for eg. 3 than the player sitting third from the  left has to apply nail polish on one of the fingers for 5 and 6 the player who has rolled the dice  has to apply nail polish on their own finger. The player who is able to apply nail polish on all the five fingers at the earliest wins.

6.Fashion Outfit Scavenger Hunt

Divide the players into two groups.  Hide all of the pieces of a complete outfit in the party hall at different places  including a clue with each. Each clue leads to another piece of the outfit and the next clue, etc. Whichever team completes their outfit in minimum time wins.  .

7.Dress Up Relay Race

Divide the players into group of five. Mark a starting and finishing line say 12 feet apart.Keep one table at the finishing line with one bag filled with some funny clothes, wigs, sunglasses, jewellery etc.. As the time starts, the first player from each group will run towards the finishing line,  wear all the things kept in the bag and then take off all the things one by one and keep them back in the bag and run back towards the starting line. After she reaches the starting point, the second will run to complete the task and the game continues till the last player finishes the task.  The group who finishes at the earliest wins the race.

8.Win The Beauty Contest Title

A fun kitty party game where ladies need to race and find out their beauty pageant in minimum time. Check more about  Win The Beauty Contest Title

9.Musical Dress Up – Party Game

A fun game in which participant will pick up the funny things from bag and wear them when music is stopped. Check more about  Musical Dress Up

1o. Score Your Style

A group party game in which players have to score themselves based on their dresses and ornaments. Check more about  Score Your Style

11.Flaunt Your Nails

A group party game in which players have to design nails of each other.Check more about  Flaunt Your Nails

12.Grab Your Cosmetics

Keep 10-15 cosmetics(make up) items in a bowl for eg. kajal, lipstick, eye liner, sindoor stick, bindi etc.  Assign some nos. to them which is not to be told to players.  The game is that everybody will be given a change to grab the items with one hand. Note that items on a paper against their names. In the end, you do not have to count the no. of things grabbed, but total the nos. allotted to that particular item and the player with highest no. wins.

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