Candy Race – Birthday Party Game


Things Required

  • Lots of candies
  • Trays for keeping candies as per number of the groups

How To Play

  • Divide the children into groups of 8-10.
  • Mark a starting line and and finishing line about 20 feet apart.
  • Keep the trays with lot of candies on the table at the finishing line.
  • Line up the teams and everybody should stand behind each other.
  • As the time starts, the child has to run towards the finishing line, pick the candy with his/her mouth¬† and runs back to their group i.e towards the starting line.
  • As the first child reaches the start line the second child has to run and so on.
  • This process will keep on going until¬†the time is over.
  • The children are not allowed to use their hands while picking up the candy.
  • In case the candy falls down while running, that candy will not be counted.
  • Time limit is two minutes.


The group of children who brings the maximum candies within the stipulated time wins !!


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