Let’s Play Scrabble – Party Game

lets play scrabble party gameThings Required

  • Paper and pen for each player

How To Play

  • Let everybody sit in a circle.
  • Give paper and pen to each player.
  • Anybody can start by giving one word like ‘Wonderful’
  • The game is that everybody has to write as many words they can think of with each alphabet
  • As the time starts, player have to write the words starting with ‘W’.
  • Time limit is 30 seconds for each alphabet.
  • As the time is over, players have to compare their lists.
  • Award points only to those words which are not repeated.
  • Resume the game with the second alphabet i.e. ‘O’ and continue till all alphabets have been played.
  • If any of alphabet is repeated, skip the same and move on to the next.
  • When all the alphabets are done, total the points and declare the winner.
  • You can again start the game with a new word.
  • You can choose a long word if you want to play for longer time for eg. Experimental, transportation,Valentine,organizational, etc.


  1. good game

  2. good game but i dont understand this game

    • Hi Navya, please let us know what part you didn’t understand – we will be glad to help 🙂

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