Made For Each Other – Couple Party Game


Things Required

  • A4 size cardboard sheet – 2 for each couple.

How To Play

  • Mark a start line and a finishing line say 20 feet apart.
  • Couples can stand at the starting line.
  • Give two A4 sheets to each couple.
  • As the time starts, husband has to keep the sheet on the ground in front of his wife.
  • The wife then puts her one foot on the sheet and the husband then put the second sheet in front of the first sheet, on which the wife will put her other foot.
  • The husband will then put the first sheet in front of the second sheet and the wife will lift her other leg.
  • This will go on till the finishing line.
  • The wife is not allowed to keep her foot directly on the ground.
  • By mistake, if she keeps her foot on the floor, the couple is considered OUT or they can start again.


The couple who manages to reach the finishing  line at the earliest will be the winner.

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