Mix & Match – Lohri Special Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction, as many as you want.

How To Play

  • Take printouts of below mix & match table, as per the number of participants.
  • Give one prinout to each participant.
  • Each participant has to match each item in first column with an item in second column.
  • One point is awarded for each correct match.
Kite Fight on SankrantiAgni
A famous Lohri SongBhangra and Gidda
Famous sweet on sankrantiHaldi Kumkum Day
In Tamil Nadu Sanskrant is known asPunjab
This is an important thing to eat on the Lohri daySunder mundriye ho
Khubh MelaGujrat
Makar sankranti in MaharastraLaddoos of Til & Gur
A famous Punjabi DanceHarvest Festival of Punjab
A well known Lohri sweetGujrat
A popular Punjabi dish served during Lohri dinnerUP
Uttarayan, as Makar SankrantiTil.
Makar Sankranti /LohriGajak.
Lohri Biggest celebrating stateMakki di Roti and Sarson da Saag.
God of firePongal


Player who matches maximum correct items as below:

Kite Fight on Sankranti-Gujrat
A famous Lohri Song-Sunder mundriye ho
Famous sweet on sanskanti- Laddoos of til and gur
In Tamil Nadu Sansktrant is known as – Pongal
This is an important thing to eat on the Lohri day= Til
Khubh Mela – UP
Makar sankranti in Maharastra – Haldi Kumkum day
A famous Punjabi Dance – Bhangra& Gidda
A well known Lohri sweet – Gajak
A popular Punjabi dish served during Lohri dinner- Makki Di rotti &Sarso ka Saag
Uttarayan, as Makar Sankranti- Gujrat
Makar Sankranti /Lohri – Harvest festival of Punjab
Lohri Biggest celebrating state – Punjab
God of fire – Agni

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