Popcorn and Rewari Mela – Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required

  • One big  box filled with Popcorn and Rewari
  • Empty paper bags
  • One tray 

How to Play

  • Box filled with popcorn and rewari has to be kept at the starting line.
  • Player has to fill the paper bags with popcorn and rewari as many as he can and can keep in the tray
  • After filling the paper bags he has to move towards the finishing line and distribute the paper bags to the guests sitting there.
  • In case the time is left, and he can come back and fill it again and move
  • Time limit 3 minutes


Player who has distributed maximum paper bags filled with Popcorn and Rewari is the  winner.

This game will definitely add more fun to lohri celebrations. Hope you will enjoy playing this game with your friends, family and kids. Do share your experience with us… 🙂

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