Spoon And Egg Relay Race – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • Spoon & Hard Boiled Eggs as per the number of children.

How To Play

  • TheĀ children are divided into two teams.
  • Each team is divided into two groups, one at starting point & one at finishing point.
  • The kid should hold the spoon handle in his/her mouth and balance the egg on it.
  • The first player has to carry from the starting point to finishing point.
  • At that point the egg and spoon are handed off to the next child, who carries it back to the starting point and new child continues.
  • If the egg falls down, the child must put it on the spoon again and continue to run.
  • The team is allowed to pick the egg from the ground only two times. If it falls more than two times then the child has to go back from where he has started the race.
  • Nobody is allowed to hold the egg or run without a egg on spoon.


The first team to complete the relay wins.

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