Verbal Scrabble – Party Game


Things Required

  • Prize for the winner
  • Some small consolation prizes

How to Play

  • Let all the children sit in a circle
  • Begin the game by saying a letter BĀ  thinking of Black.
  • The next child has to add the next letter, lets say he/she adds A thinking of Battery in his/her mind .
  • The next childĀ  has to add the next letter, let say he/she adds L thinking of Ball in his/her mind
  • The next child adds L and complete the word as Ball.
  • If a child is not able to add a letter even if a meaningful word exists, then he/she will be out of the game.
  • The child who has completed the word becomes eligible for a consolation prize.
  • After a meaningful word is completed continue this way starting with a new letter.
  • Use only root words. For eg: a round should end at BOWL and should not be continued till BOWLING. Similarly for compound words a round should end at THERE and not be allowed to go further to say THEREAFTER.


The child who remains till the last is the winner for a bigger prize!!.

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