15 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a tricky subject. It’s a global problem and there is loads of sites/information available everywhere around us. But advice has a different meaning when it’s tried and tested by an individual and the individual shares his/her own experience. Well, I am mother of a little girl and I gained roughly 20 KGs at the time of pregnancy and retained extra 15 KGs even after 6 months of baby birth. But before my little girl turned 18 months {Read More}

Experience With GM Diet Plan

I am doing it and I am kind of surprised. I never thought I will be doing such a crash course for weight loss but then there are couple of reasons that I am pursuing it. I will be happy if I could loose few pounds I will be able to assess self control – avoiding an urge of tea or munching something I will drink lots of water which I usually don’t I will know on my own if {Read More}