Correct Answer Is Not The Correct Answer – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • A list of very simple questions for eg.Where do you Stay?What is your father’s name?In which school do you study?What is your grandfather’s name?When is your Birthday ?Do you like black color? What is your favourite movie? Which is your favourite hill station?  .

How To Play :

  • Call the kids one by one and ask the question.
  • The catch of this game is that the kids have to give the answers to the previous question.
  • They have to keep mum when the first question is asked.
  • When they will be asked the second question they have to give reply to the first question  for eg :
  • Where do you stay? No answer
  • What is your father’name ? Delhi
  • In which school do you study? Mr xyz.
  • Give 30 sec. to answer the question.
  • The participant is considered OUT when he gives the wrong answer.

Winner :

The kid who is able to give the maximum correct answers is the Winner!

This game can be played with adults also as there will be lot of confusion and fun while answering these simple questions!!


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