Fun With Cards And Spoons – New Year Party Game

spoon and cards

Things Required

  • Spoons as per the no. of players
  • 1-2Deck of cards

How To Play

  • Keep spoons one less than the numbers of players in the middle of the table for eg. keep 7 spoons if 8 players are playing the game.
  • All the players have to sit around the spoons.
  • If the players are more than 4 then take 2 deck of cards.
  • Shuffle the deck of cards and give each player four cards and place the rest of the deck of cards on the table in front of one player.
  • That player will draw one card and if it is not required will pass it on to his left player around the circle.
  • Each player will look at the passed card in order to make the set of four.
  • The first person to make a set of our for eg. 4 ace, 4 kings or a sequence etc. has to pick up a spoon.
  • All others will also grab a spoon.
  • There will be one less spoon than the players so the one who is slow in picking up the spoon is eliminated from the game.
  • Now remove one spoon and start playing again until two players and one spoon is left.
  • The first person to get set of four cards and grabs the spoon wins.

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