Moods Of Smiley – Kitty Party Game

smiley 2

Things Required

  • Copies of sheet as above with different moods of smileys as per the no. of players.
  • Pen/pencil.

How To Play

  • Give one sheet and pen to each player.
  • The players have to circle any 6 moods of smiley as per their choice.
  • The host will secretly award some points of each smiley.
  • Now the host will announce the points one by one.
  • The players will write the points against the circled ones for eg. happy -50, sad-5, Mad-20, super-70 etc.
  • All the players will total the points.


  • The twist of the game is that there will be two winners i.e. one with maximum points and the other with minimumĀ  points

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