Party Quiz Questions

For Kids

  • Who is wearing different color of socks?
  • Who is wearing dress with maximum pockets?
  • Who is wearing maximum sweaters?
  • Who has longest/shortest hair?
  • Who is carrying a toy mobile?
  • Who is carrying a purse?
  • Who has got cartoon character on his/her clothes?
  • Who is wearing a multiple color cap?

For Adults

  • Who is carrying maximum money at the moment?
  • Who has biggest belt buckle?
  • Who is having a tatto?
  • Who is wearing glitter nailpaint/ green/blue nailpaint?
  • Who has got maximum colorful hair pins?
  • Whose specs frame is red color?
  • Who is wearing floaters/sandels?
  • Who has got mufler?


  • Who is carrying biggest phone in size?
  • Who has got heaviest or thickest¬† wallet?
  • Who has got maximum coins?
  • Who is wearing maximum rings?
  • Which couple’s birthday date is same [Same date/year/month of birth]?
  • Who is wearing maximum chains/necklaces?
  • Who is carrying a comb?
  • Whose birthday is on 29th Feb?
  • Who is wearing maximum earings?
  • Who is carrying more than one purse?
  • Who has got 3 “i” or “r” or “e” or (any other letter of your choice) in his/her name?
  • Who has got longest initials? (first letter of each word of their full name)
  • Who is wearing red tie?


  1. Abhivayaktia says:

    very boring games

    • Hi Abhivayaktia,

      These are not games, these are just filler questions to keep the guests engaged while backstage preprations are in progress.


  2. i like these games and i always took these games in kitty party and thanks to this site for tell me these questions

  3. will try out few games in event organised in our office.

    • Sure heena, let us know how do you like them :) We can also write customized games for you based on your requirements..!!

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