Playing Cards With Dice – Party Game

roll_the_diceThings Required

  • 10 playing cards of any color from A-10
  • A bowl filled with one rupee coins
  • One dice

How To Play

  • Place the cards on the table.
  • The game is that the player has to put as many one rupee coins on the card as the number written on the card. For example, card number is 2, player has to put 2 coins on it.
  • Now the twist is that she can put only those number of coins as the number he gets on the dice.
  • She can’t move to a new card unless that card is completely filled.
  • She can select any card to start with.
  • For example, if she gets 6 on the dice and choose to put 6 coins on card number 7, she has to keep rolling the dice to get 1 before she can move to a new card.
  • Time limit is one minute.


  • The player who has got maximum number of completely filled cards in one minute wins.

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