Saat Phere – Karva Chauth Party Game

saath_phere_karvachauth_party_gameThings Required

  • Table for every couple
  • A candle and a matchbox as per number of tables
  • Two garlands for each couple
  • Jewellery to be arranged by participants

How To Play

  • Let all the couples bring the ornaments like bangles, necklace, rings, earrings, bindis, footrings, payal, mangalsutra, sindoor
  • The couple has to sit on a table facing each other.
  • Keep one candle,matchbox,two garlands for jaimala and jewellery on the table.
  • Play some background music with shloks and mantra.
  • As the time starts,  the husband’s have to dress up their wives by putting the ornaments onto them at the right place except sindoor and mangalsutra.
  • After getting ready, they have to put jaimala to each other and then they have to lit the candle and tie the knot between their clothing as per the ritual and has to take saat phera’s around the table.
  • After taking the phera’s the husband has to put sindoor and tie the mangalsutra. 


  • The couple who manages to complete all the rituals at the earliest, is the winner.

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