Tambola for Basant Panchami

basant panchamiThings Required

  • Paper and pen for all participants

How To Play

  • Give paper and pen to all the participants.
  • They have to write as many words as they can related to Basant Panchami puja and / OR yellow things in following 5 categories (Examples provided) –
    • Vegetables- Pumpkin, Lemon, Yellow capsicum, Sweet Corn etc.
    • Fruits- Banana, Papaya,Mangoes, Pineapple, yellow figs etc.
    • Sweets- Jalebi, Ladoo, Keser Peda, Moong Dal Halwa, Boondi etc.
    • Flowers – Marigold, Yellow Tulip, Yellow Dahlia, Yellow Orchids, Yellow Rose,Daffodil,Sunflower etc.
    • Basant Panchami puja – Saraswati puja, Spring Festival, Kumkum, Mango leaves, Kalash, Milk, White cloth, Agarbatti, Flowers etc.
  • This game is to be played like Tambola and prizes can be as below –
    • Early 5 i.e. player who has written at least 5 names in any category
    • All 5 i.e player who has written 5 names – 1 in each category
    • Rows i.e. player who has written 3 names in 1 category – flowers, fruits, vegetables, sweets, puja
    • House i.e. player who has written 4 names in each category.
    • Rows and houses can be kept as per your choice.
    • Game ends when all the prizes are successfully claimed.

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