Basant Panchami Quiz – One Minute Game

Things Required Write some questions on a paper related to Basant Panchami  and get it photocopied as per the number of players which are as below. Pen/pencil for every participant What is the other name of Basant Panchami? Which Goddess is worshipped on this day? In which part of the country Festival of Kites is observed on this day? Which Goddess is worshipped as goddess of wisdom and knowledge? Basant Panchami represents which color? Who gave the boon to goddess {Read More}

Merigold Flower Garden – One Minute Game

Things Required A basket full of Merigold flowers Toothpicks 15″x15″ Thermocol sheets as per no. of players How To Play Give flowers, toothpicks and thermocol sheet to each player The player has to make a flower garden. They have to stick one flower in one toothpick and then fix it in the thermocol sheet. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who fixes the maximum flowers to make a neat garden wins!!        

Balloon Word Search – One Minute Game

Things Required 40-50 Yellow Balloons How To Play Blow yellow color balloons and make two sets each of six balloons. Write the letters to spell out the word B-A-S-A-N-T on each of the six balloons. Write any other alphabets on other balloons. Mix all the balloons and keep them in one room. One by one the players will go inside the room and find out the balloons with letters that spell ‘BASANT’. Time limit is one minute. Winner The one {Read More}

Button Biryani – One Minute Party Game

Things Required 6-7 Designs of yellow buttons (10 button each design) One Bowl filled with rice How  To Play Mix 6-7 designs of yellow buttons i.e. 10 buttons of each design in a bowl filled with rice. The player has to choose one design. The player has to find that particular design buttons  from the bowl. The twist of the game is that players  should not spill the rice out of the bowl while finding the buttons otherwise they will {Read More}

Tambola for Basant Panchami

Things Required Paper and pen for all participants How To Play Give paper and pen to all the participants. They have to write as many words as they can related to Basant Panchami puja and / OR yellow things in following 5 categories (Examples provided) – Vegetables- Pumpkin, Lemon, Yellow capsicum, Sweet Corn etc. Fruits- Banana, Papaya,Mangoes, Pineapple, yellow figs etc. Sweets- Jalebi, Ladoo, Keser Peda, Moong Dal Halwa, Boondi etc. Flowers – Marigold, Yellow Tulip, Yellow Dahlia, Yellow Orchids, {Read More}

Yellow Musical Drawing – One Minute Game

Things Required Drawing sheet and yellow sketch pen or yellow crayon How To Play Give one drawing sheet and sketch pen or yellow crayon to every one. The game is that they have to draw or sketch some yellow things for eg. lemon, sunflower, banana, papaya, ladoo, sun, corn, mango etc. They have to write the names also below the picture. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who draws maximum things neatly wins!!

Meethey Chawal – One Minute Game

Things Required A bowl of sugar A bowl of rice Turmeric (optional) A plucker Two empty bowls How To Play Mix rice and sugar in the empty bowl Optionally add turmeric to it Each player gets a turn to pick rice from the mix using the plucker & put them in the second bowl Only one rice can be picked at a time Rice picked but fallen outside the second bowl will not be counted Time limit is one minute Winner The {Read More}

Yellow Bangles – One Minute Game

Things Required Yellow Bangles Bangles of colors other than Yellow such as Red, Blue, Orange etc. One Basket One dice How To Play Keep all the bangles in the basket and mix them well Each player gets a turn to roll the dice If the dice shows 6 player will wear six yellow bangles. If dice shows any other number player has to wear bangles of color other than yellow. For example if the dice shows 2 player has to wear two more {Read More}

Fun With Yellow Stones – One Minute Party Game

 Things Required Yellow color One big pot filled with water Yellow color flower petals Some yellow and different color stones How To Play Mix the yellow color in water in a big pot with some yellow color flower petals. Put some yellow and different colored stones in it. The player have to  put their hand in the water and take out yellow stones as many as possible. Time limit is one minute or give three chances to put their hands {Read More}

Stand On Yellow – Musical Group Game

Things Required Pieces of different color construction paper Some music to play How To Play Scatter different colored pieces of construction paper along with yellow color on the floor. Play some music and tell everyone to dance. As the music stops, everyone has to step on the yellow paper. Those who are not able to step on yellow color paper are considered OUT. Yellow color papers should be less than the no. of players. Keep on playing the rounds till {Read More}