5 One Minute Games for Teej – You Don’t Want To Miss

One minute games for Teej

Teej  the festival of Swings is celebrated for the union of  Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.  This festival involves singing and dancing and it comes onset of monsoon in July-August every year.  Teej mela and fair are organized at different places. The swings are decorated with flowers.  Ladies  pamper themselves by wearing new bangles, new saree, putting mehandi and different types of jewelery. Below are five one minute games for the Teej Party.

Bangle competition

  • Mix lot of green color bangles of different design and pattern in a bowl.  Ask all the ladies to make sets of 6 bangles of same pattern. Time limit is one minute. The lady who make the maximum sets is the winner

Mehandi Competition

  • Give a chart paper and mehandi cone to each player and ask them to make mehandi designs.  Time limit is one minute. The lady who makes the most beautiful design is the winner.

Saree Draping Competition

  • Give one elastic belt and 7-8 sarees . The ladies have to tie the belt and drape the sarees in one minute.  The lady who drapes maximum sarees is the winner.

Nail Polish competition

  • Give one nail-polish, nail-polish remover, cotton and nail art sticker.  The ladies have to put nail polish and stickers.  Time limit is one minute.  The  lady who is able to put nail polish on maximum fingers is the winner.

Green & Green

  • Give paper and pen to everybody.  Tell them to write the names of green color fruits and vegetables. Time limit is one minute.  The lady who writes the maximum names is the winner.

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