Family Reunion – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • Make set of 4 chits for each group of animals like dog, cat, donkey, lion with following father dog, mother dog, baby dog and baba dog.

How To Play

  • Give one chit each to all the children as they have to find their family.
  • As the game starts everybody will open their chit and after reading the name in the chit, they will start shouting for eg. If one gets a dog chit, he will start barking ‘bow bow’, similarly if one gets a donkey chit, he will start saying ‘denchu denchu’.
  • All the children will move around the party area and try to find their family members ie. all the four members.


The group who completes their family first is the winner!!

To create confusion among the children make two sets of chits for dog, cat etc.

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