Find The Ring – Karva Chauth Party Game

This game can be played on any occasion between the couples. On Karva Chauth this game can be played after the pooja between the couples while waiting  for the moon to come. This is a traditional game which every couple plays during their marriage ceremonies.

find_the_ring_karvachauth_party_gameThings Required

  • A large dish/pot or parat filled with water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Some rose petals
  • 3-4 coins
  • One Ring

How To Play.

  • Mix milk in water in a large dish/pot or parat alongwith some rose petals, coins and one ring of the couple.
  • Ask them to dip their one hand in it and find the ring.
  • They will be given three chances.


  • ¬†The one who finds the ring maximum number of times is the winner.

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