Food Rhythm Race – Kitty Party Game


Things Required

  • 4 bowls filled with poha, malai, channa and chatni separately.

How To Play

  • Keep these bowls in a line on the table.
  • The player has to say papa poha, mummy malai, chacha chana and chachi chatni in one minute.
  • The twist of the game is that the player has to say this in reverse order also to complete one round for ex. the player will say papa poha, mummy malai, chacha chana, chachi chatni and then in reverse order chachi chatni, chacha chana, mummy malai and papa poha.
  • The player has to speak complete set of words in one minute as many as times as he/she can without any pause.
  • If any of the player stops in between  to think or speaks incorrect  he/she will considered OUT.
  • If you want you can shuffle the bowls when a new member comes to play.


The player who completes maximum number of rounds without any pause wins.


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