Recall Your Memory – Kitty Party Game

memory_gameThings required

  • 10 small bowls filled with 10 different white colored things
  • For eg. All purpose flour (maida), Salt, Milk powder, Baking powder, Sugar powder, Cornflour, Wheat flour, Rice flour, Sugarfree powder, Rock salt (kala namak), Sendha salt,Suji etc.
  • List of things (in the same order they have been kept)
  • Paper and Pencil for each player

How to Play

  • All the players are allowed to see the things for one minute but are not allowed to touch them
  • Players have to write the things in the same serial as they are kept in one minute


Player with maximum no. of correct things written on the paper

This game can be played on any event be it New Year Eve Party, Christmas Eve Party or Diwali Party. All you need is 10 white things which are hard to distinguish and easy to remember 😉

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