Movie Dhamaka of 2015 – New Year Party Game


Things Required

  • One set of slips with movie names released in this calendar year for eg. Dilwale, Drishyam etc.
  • One set of slips with lyrics of songs of these movies for eg. (Dilwale-Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon Nikli hai dil se ye duaa,Rang de tu mohe Gerua), (Drishyam -Ghutta hai dum dum…. ghutta hai Dukhta hai dil dukhta hai) etc.

How To Play

  • Keep all the slips in one bowl.
  • Let everyone take one slip.
  • As the time starts, everyone will open their slip and will find their partner.
  • For eg.  if the player is having the slip with movie name that player has to find who is holding the slip of song of that particular movie and vise versa.


  • The first three pairs who find each other are the winners.

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